DisneylandSource.com to close

I'm surprised Chris hasn't said something on here about it but I read on LaughingPlace.com's DL Discussion Board that his site will close on April 20th.


....... I don't know, Danny, but this is was I jusst read on the site:

"A very generous individual has offered to make a substantial contribution to the website, and has encouraged me to continue with it. When I told this person I was closing the site, they said "Oh nooo... You can't do that!! All those people who gave you money! All those people who wrote you those emails".?

Well, this person is correct. The site has gotten several emails in the past few days from people who have said they visit my site in lieu of visiting the real park because of financial hardships, visit the site with their kids, and people who love the site so much they would be willing to pay for it to stay online.?

Personally I think that's pretty amazing.?

Oh, and the person who encouraged me to go on with it? My wife, Claire. Thanks hon.?

So yes, for the time being, the site will remain open, with the exceptions of Radio-D?
and the Discussion Boards? which must be closed to help save on site costs."
I had planned to break the news to other sites about the closure, but I figured posting on Laughingplace.com, as well as the site itself, would have been sufficient. (Also the fact that it may have been considered "off-topic" on other boards).

So, yes, for the time being, the site will remain open, but Radio-D closes tonight (Saturday) and our Discussion Boards will be moving elsewhere.

I know a lot of people are interested in the "Radio-D" content, and hopefully we can incorporate it into the site somehow.

Chris Lang

P.S. If anyone has any video footage of the park and would be willing to share it with our audience, please let me know: webmaster@disneylandsource.com