Disneyland's Mike Fink Keel Boats

From the old Disneyland Music Loops thread:

...........to KENSTER who asked about the KEEL BOAT music..both Disneyland and WDW had their own music tracks........the Disneyland tracks came from a 1950's .....banjo/mistrel album........I think by Columbia records (who also brought us MAIN STREET CINEMA!!) call.....I THINK: "Coming Down the River".......or something on the River..........it used banjo's and a piano.......(a heavy thing to carry on yhr River!!)........and feature about 4 tracks.one of them being "Oh those Goldenslippers"

Based on a 1997 live recording of the attraction can confirm two of the songs that were played during the latter years, and source albums.

"Chicken Pickin' Rag" and "Down South" -- both performed by the Banjo Kings (by Good Time Jazz records... same company that also released the Firehouse Five plus One albums)

If "Golden Slippers" was also performed, then most likely were by the same performers... as that was the "B" side of an album single they released with the accurate version of "Chicken Pickin' Rag" as side A. Still haven't found a live recording that confirms this song was played, and still haven't found confirmation on what the fourth song was.

"Chicken Pickin' Rag" and "Golden Slippers" can be found, in addition to the single, on "Nostalgia Revisited in Hi-Fi, Volume 2" which was released in 1957. This album does not appear to have been released on CD or on any online stores.

"Down South" appears on an album listed as "Banjo Kings 1" -- this album has been reissued as a CD, and appears available on Amazon.