Disneyland's Alice In Wonderland dark ride - queue music question


Playlist Author
Hi Everyone,

Does anyone have a playlist for the queue area for Disneyland's Alice In Wonderland dark ride? How long is the whole loop? How many of the tracks have been released?

From the Forever System I have:

Twas Brilling (DLF)
Golden Afternoon (DLF)
Caucus Race (WDWF)
March of the Cards (WDWF)
Painting the Roses Red (WDWF)
I'm Late (WDWF)
Off With Her Head (WDWF)

Thanks in advance for any help! Doesn't Alice In Wonderland have the best score? It's definitely my favorite!



Yes! Thanks for speaking up for the ALICE score, one of Disney's all-time best! There are more songs in Alice than in any other Disney animated feature, more than twice as many than in most.
One of the best Disneyland Records ever made was the Camarata / Darlene Gillespie version of the Alice score, which was the only version available for many years until Randy Thornton, God bless him, gave the world the first soundtrack album in the late 1990's.
I love the Camarata version, though, and wanted to point out that the instrumental version of the Alice theme from Side Two of the LP is still played on the Alice ride queue.
If you do not have Disneyland DQ-1208, it's very easy to find on eBay, plus it was released on CD ONLY IN JAPAN.