Disneyland's 50th Anniversary CD's

Hi, not sure if anyone checked out the mouseplanet.com today... it is for sure that we will get a 6-disk boxed set of music from Disneyland, as well as a new official park album for the Disneyland's 50th anniversary. How exciting!! ;D - Matt

David S.

Wow, thanks for the great news! Here's a link to the article:


This is IMO the best park music news ever! If the 6 CDs are filled up to the max, this set could theoretically contain approximately 7 and a half hours of music, and with excellent sound quality!

Does anyone know if this will be available from Disneyland DelivEars? I'm also interested in any info concerning the approximate cost and release date, just to make sure I have the money saved up to purchase this as soon as it becomes available!



Anyone know the song listing? I have looked but have had no such luck. Thanks!!!



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It's too early for all those details yet. It was just announced for being released next year. I'm sure there are tentative track titles, but nobody but Randy and WDR know, I'm sure. And, those things can, and do change, so what's being prepped now, may not be what's on the final CD's.

I just hope this set it not offered on the Wonderland Music Store, and is an officially produced set with a nice booklet. But, I'm sure we won't see official track listings or details about packaging for a while yet.
Finally some great news on this much rumored topic! I would almost assume that a set this special would get the kind of treatment Randy did with the 75 Years 3-CD set and its terrific accompanying booklet.

This even tops the Disney Treasures releases for me!



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Well, Bill, I wasn't going to go there, but you're probably right. I still say it's too soon to have definite information though. Things could get cut, or added, or whatever. We might get a "general" tease though...