Disneyland Yodler

Take a listen to Fred Burri. He was the Disneyland Yodler in the 1960s. The first song on this LP was included in the CD set "A Musical History of Disneyland". Does anyone know if any other songs might have been included in BGM for the Matterhorn?
Hey Ken,

I am in awe at all of the LPs that you continue to find and post on the WaltsMusic site. All of your efforts are extremely appreciated!

I was listening to this LP on your site and noticed that the tracks seemed to be slightly out of order. It states that there are 14 total tracks, but I only noticed 8 tracks. The last track is actually the whole of side 2. Also, I believe tracks 1 - 6 are mislabeled. Here is a comparison of what is written on the LP cover and what you have them listed as:

LP Cover
1. Alpaufzug / Luzärner Chilby
2. S'Milchmälchterli
3. Mis Schwyzerörgeli
4. Im Brockehus
5. Fischer Walzer
6. Im Chuchichäschtli
7. Und Ich Ha Kei
8. Matterhorn Jodler
9. Am Trachtefescht
10. Obwaldner Natur-Jodel
11. Es Meitschybei
12. Schi Scha Schätzeli
13. Im Wiichäller
14. Im Frutig-Tal

Track list
1. Alpaufzug
2. Luzärner Chilby
3. S'Milchmälchterli
4. Mis Schwyzerörgeli
5. Im Brockehus
6. Fischer Walzer
7. Und Ich Ha Kei
8. Side 2

Is track 1 on the LP actually 2 tracks for a total of 15?
Haha Fan, you have exposed me again! When I recorded side 1 and started to break them into singles and name them, I noticed the problem (only 7 tracks but 8 songs listed) but I got into a rush and decided to leave them as is,record side 2 all together and post what I had. All the music is there and in order as listed on the LP, but as you can tell, I do not have the actual mp3s listed correctly :blink:

Track one appears to be both Alpaufzug and Luzärner Chilby, but if so, then Alpaufzug only last a few seconds :unsure: There are only 7 tracks on each side.


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Does anyone know if any other songs might have been included in BGM for the Matterhorn?

I believe that Im Chuchichäschtli was used in the 1978 version of the Matterhorn queue music.