Disneyland USA dvd question

Hi all

I recently bought the Disneyland USA dvd on ebay and it came in the mail today. It wasnt sealed and I am just curious what came inside the metal tin besides the plastic holder for the dvds. Mine came with a postcard type thing about autopia and like a 4 page booklet with very little info on the set.


Hi Steve--just checked ours--you have the entire contents! Unfortunately there was no further documentation about the episodes. I thought that they might release more of these classic episodes as part of the next round of "Walt Disney Treasures," but apparently that's not the case, from what someone previously posted. Sounds like you made out OK on ebay! Michael.
I don't have the Disneyland DVD but I do have the Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphonies discs.

What you described is very similar to what came packaged in mine, although there was also one of the generic DVD catalogs and a thin cardboard wrap-around.

The wrap-around has a timeline on the back, along with a quote from Leonard Maltin. On the front it has a signature from Roy E. Disney and a blurb about what's on the discs.

To be honest, as much as I love the discs I was a bit disappointed with the booklets that were included. I was expecting a bit more historical perspective.