Disneyland: The First 50 Magical Years


I don?t know if anyone has posted about this yet, but does anyone know who did the score for ?Disneyland: The First 50 Magical Years?? It?s a WONDERFUL work and the video is great. Mom and I watched it five or six times when we were there last week. I?d LOVE to see it released on some special album. Better yet, I think Disney should release a DVD of the film after the attraction closes.

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X-S Tech

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I don't know for sure, but it seems like I heard something about Alan Silvestri doing it. I know he was in charge of the music at the Ceremony on July 17th, or was it May 5th- one of the two. And they mentioned that he did something else for the 50th; I think scoring that film.


Hi Rick.I think X-S Tech is right.I think it was Silvestri.Please read your private messages.-Mark. :)