Disneyland Sounds of Magic


Thanks for the link. I am thinking of buying them now. This does not look at all licensed by Disney but only Randy can answer that. I think it might be an unofficial producer and there is a website called Sounds of Magic. :-


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I'd be wary of purchasing any music like this. If you look hard enough, you can find everything for no cost.

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Yeah there's nothing on those discs that hasn't been floating around for years. Though I must say the art on the discs and covers is the nicest I've seen on a fan set. I guess it might be appealing to pay that amount and get all that in one shot, but yes, you could find all that stuff through other venues for free. Or you could buy it, copy the discs, and then return them saying you were dissatisfied. What's he gonna do? Get mad at you for illegally copying music?


I heard some story about ebay cracking down on bootleg stuff like this, where are they now?

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Sign in, and fill out the box with some of the item numbers from his listings.