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I haven't watched mine yet, but I am super excited. I had to go to 3 walmarts and a Best Buy before I found it. Oswald was everywhere, but this one was really hard to come by.

I can't wait to watch it.


I'd love to have a real DVD copy of World's Fair. How is the other episode on disc 2?

Rich T

Love the menu music on Disc 1. Hope someone can name it!

I enjoyed the main feature, not so much as a history of Disneyland but as a tribute to Walt and what he meant to the people who worked for him. I loved the bit about his use of the word "things." And, no matter how many times I hear it, I love the way he says "waterfall" in that Pirates promo. The flying saucer segment was a joy, too.

However, Disneyland USA and the three World of Color episodes are the best thing about this set. Man, do they look pristine! The World's Fair episode is incredibly entertaining, and it's sure great to have the Golden Horseshoe on disc. The Seasons episode's a lot of fun, too.

About the trivia game: Be sure to play it! Contains some nice footage of the park, asks intelligent questions (mostly) and, best of all, has the best reward system EVER. Really ties into the overall theme of the set.

Whoever came up with the idea of including a ticket book deserves a raise and a promotion.

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Can anyone rip and post an mp3 of the Menu music in question? I'm dutifully waiting for Christmas for this since I've already asked for it (though I may go buy a copy and save it with the reciept just in case I don't get it).


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Bill, gotta back you up on the main documentary feature. It's very underwhelming if not outright horrible . . . as a documentary. It's disorganized in its narrative, providing little sense of the development of the park. I was left wanting to just watch the interviews themselves. You could obviously tell that most of the people were really enjoyed telling their stories and providing thoughts about the park, even Bob Iger . . . I could have done without Jay Rasulo. Too bad they didn't include the extended interviews with Rolly Crump and Diane Miller that were supposed to be part of the original release in 2005.

But really, that is the only thing I can find to complain about on the discs . . . and the only reason I'm mentioning it is that I've waited two years to see this documentary. I'm so glad to have the three Wonderful World of Color episodes - I love Disneyland Goes to the World's Fair! Disneyland U.S.A. beautiful, and I look forward to hearing the Baxter commentary.

More on the topic of your original question: no clue on IDing the music. I'll give it another listen.


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I'm gonna look for this dvd this weekend! The items on it look amazing & I'm glad they updated it! happy holidays everyone! :)

David S.

I'll be getting this soon as well!

Being a big fan of the classic park episodes, I am of course mainly getting this for Disneyland USA, DL Goes To The Worlds Fair, and DL Around the Seasons.

Also, acording to the Ultimate Disney review, DL USA actually has an isolated music track!!! - something found on many laserdiscs but sadly very rare on DVD.

Does anyone who has these programs on tape from Vault Disney know if they've been edited in any way on the DVD?

I ask this only because it is still VERY disapointing to me that DL 10th Aniversary show on the 2001 Disneyland USA Treasures set is missing several minutes of Tiki Room footage (presumably for music rights issues or could there have been alternate prints of this episode?).

And then when this episode reappeared on the Your Host Walt Disney set, I thought it was to fix this problem, but they used the exact same version found on DL USA, making it doubly disapointing...


For those of you still looking for the DVD, try Costco (if you're a member, of course). I picked up copies of DL and Oswald tonight; Costco is also keeping more copies of the Oswald and Donald DVDs in stock than copies of the DL DVD, but my local store had about half a dozen or so copies of the DL DVD.
What a great edition of the Treasures series. And they did a really nice job this time with the video mastering of the featurette and the three Wonderful World of Color episodes. The color and clarity was there this time.

I hope one day we will see the whole WWoC series available on DVD.

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I'm holding out hope for a WDW Collection. What with all the WDW books coming out this year perhaps the Company is finally ready to promote the history of "Disneyland East".


I'm wondering about WDW stuff as well. What about the opening ceremonies, opening specials, & promotional films? What about the MSEP special from the 80s?

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Allright well I used all my self control and waited for Santa to bring me a copy of this Disney Treasures DVD. I would have to say that the menu music on the first disc is a non-Disney tune, probably some bit of public domain music that sounded appropriate. There are a few times when it sounds like they are about to play "We are the Merry Mouseketeers" but then it deviates from that.


Speaking of new animation, I was pretty surprised about the Tomorrowland set. As a kid, all I remembered was the animated parts of the space episodes, not so much the documentaries on space vehicles of the time. As it turns out, they put a couple of them together to make a single episode with Von Drake.

Just another pointless story from me.