Disneyland Resort Paris Area Music Loops


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I'm working on a few BGMs for DLRP at the moment with great help from @needmagic and @wedroy1923.
The main aim is get accurate track listings for the many area loops in the park as there doesn't seem to be an accurate listing for these anywhere that I can find (and some are way out - even the "official" lists are rather vague giving titles like "xxx medley" encompassing several tracks rather than the individual track titles).
I hope, eventually, to be able to identify sources where possible and link to them although this can be quite a task (understatement).

Disneymusicloops hasn't been updated for a while and has a few u/k which have now been identified and some with incorrect titles and that "other" site with links to similar tunes on Amazon seems to be rather inaccurate and has somewhat "misleading" information.
Other sites I have found have partial listings or listings in the wrong order or worse (or just copied from other sites without any checking being done).
Inaccurate lists are the bane of us all.
Most of the loops here have been compared to live reference recordings (thus ensuring accuracy and eliminating the possibility of fan-made loops and reconstructions which may not be what actually plays).

With only a four day vacation a year there, I'm having to work mainly from 18 visits there armed with a poor tape recorder/slightly better minidisc player and videocam recordings to piece the things together - along with a few (incomplete) induction recordings (only started those in 2008).
Fortunately, needmagic and wedroy1923 are collaborating with this venture to a great degree as are others.
We'll have to see how it goes.

Oh, just one point to note.
I don't give anyone permission to copy/reproduce these lists in full or in part or use them for any purpose without first asking me whether I (or others) am given credit or not.
These lists have been compiled and checked in isolation by myself (and others) and not initially copied from other sites although they may have been compared after completion and so these are original lists.
Where assistance has been given, it is generally noted unless the person(s) concerned have asked for their names not to be displayed.
Reading this blog means you agree to that. (too late if you've got this far ;))