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Just returned from the Disneyland Resort and had several questions.

Does anyone know the playlists for the background music at the Disneyland Resort Entrance Plaza (Espenade), DCA's Sunshine Plaza, Hollywood Pictures Backlot or Condor Flats?

Also, I went to the Boudin Bakery but did not hear the "Bakery Theme" from the Official Album. Is it played?


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Main Esplanade play list is as follows:
ToonTown Area Music - Smile Darn Ya Smile
Small World Background Music
March of the Cards
Mickey Mouse Club March
Fantasmic Exit Music
Soarin? Over California Exit Music
Cinderella's Carousel - Be Our Guest
Davy Crockett
You Can Fly
Star Tours - Star Wars Main Theme
Muppets Theme
Minnies Yoo-Hoo
Honey I Shrunk The Audience Main Theme
Splash Mountain - How Do You Do
Golden Dreams - Golden Dreams Exit Music
Golden Afternoon
When you Wish Upon A Star
You've Got a Friend In Me
Under The Sea
Indiana Jones Main Theme
Paradise Pier Area Music ? California Girls
In The Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room
Hooray for Hollywood
Yo-Ho Yo-Ho A Pirates Life for Me
I Left My Heart In San Francisco
Heigh Ho

As for the Boudin Bakery theme, I believe that it plays on the moniters that you see in the Bakery tour just before it begins, as the guests enter, but I'm not 100%sure.


DCA's got some "great" area music loops, no?

I believe most, if not all, of the lists you're looking for have already been posted under the "Disneyland Music Loops" thread. Not all are complete, of course, but I think that's the best info the board collectively has at this point.