Disneyland Records Address on an Envelope

I saw that on Ebay, that I saw the entire 9-LP collection of Disneyland story LP's in original packaging. But on the original package, it says that Disneyland Records used to have an address. But it says:

Disneyland Records
119 5th Ave.
New York, NY 10003

That was way back in the 1960's. As anybody remember the label used to have an address shown? I've seen those on recent Disney CD's that the address was shown on the back above the Walt Disney Records logo that says Burbank, CA. The original Disneyland/Buena Vista Records address was in New York City. The original packaging was shown here.
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You're right! But it says on the envelope "First 4th Rate Class Sound Recordings". That was in cardboard box.

Remember a long time ago when record companies are shipping them overseas? This was at the time when the Disneyland recordings were pressed when it was shipped with cardboard envelopes to record stores where they can sell LP's.

Today, they sell CD's of course in cardboard box where it was used for shipping after it was released. But the address at that time was 119 5th Ave., New York City. Walt Disney Records current address is in Burbank, CA. if you look on the back of every CD.

The Disneyland LP's does not have an address on every album except the big cardboard envelopes which was in New York City.

That's all there is to it.
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This being Disneyland records please to reading New York is not New York but Burbank but only as to not the envelope. In envelope case, remember the New York label shown being the sixties cannot be confused with LPs. Ebay finding but not nine is essential to tracking envelope being not nine but six. You are number 6. I am not a number.

I hope that clarifies things.

This response is killing my head.
While there were (and still are) various Disney sales and marketing offices in New York, and there was even a New York Music Company office for a time, Disneyland Records was always based in California.

Very often, when an item is ordered by mail, it is shipped from a "fulfillment center" that specializes in such things. The address is sometimes nowhere near the company of origin. It's sort of like those sweepstakes that so often seem to come from Blair, Nebraska.
BTW, what's the link? I want to see if maybe this is the same collection Disneyland was selling with the ad Tim and I used for on MOUSE TRACKS cover and inside on page 42.