Disneyland Record fan's insider tribute

Have you seen the Walt Disney World HELLO! eNewsletter? It's a monthly newsletter you can get if you register at disneyworld.com. But the reason I'm mentioning it here is because the first paragraph of the "Experiencing Expedition Everest" article contains a very clear, affectionate reference to a best-selling Disneyland LP of the 1960's.

You don't have to register to see the paragraph here, but you can if you want to keep getting the newsletter:

X-S Tech

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I could be wrong, but sounds like the Thurl Ravenscroft narration from the Haunted Mansion storyteller Album?


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It's a reference from the Chilling, Thrilling Sounds from the Haunted HOUSE opening narration.... by Grayson Hall?? Not sure if that's correct.
That's right! It's the opening track on that album, though the narrator is Laura Olsher (Mrs. Cratchit in Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol). She sounds a lot like Grayson Hall, who was of course Julia Hoffman on Dark Shadows and Margaret Miller in That Darn Cat.