Disneyland podcast interviews Randy Thornton


For those of you who listen to the official Disneyland podcast, Randy was interviewed in the recent update. Here's a description of the show:
Disneyland Resort Podcast - April 2006

In our latest episode host Michael Geoghegan learns about the first-ever Disney's California Food and Wine Weekends (at the Disneyland Resort, April 28 - May 21) from Mary Niven, vice president of food and beverage at the Disneyland Resort. Michael then chats with another Michael - - Michael Jordan, the renowned manager of the award-winning Napa Rose restaurant at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel. During their conversation you might hear a few tips on California wine and learn about Jordan's very unique Hollywood past. We then go from exquisite meals to classic music as Michael talks with Grammy Award-winning senior record producer for Walt Disney Records, Randy Thornton. Recorded live in the 20th Century Music Company on Main Street, U.S.A. Randy discusses his many years as the archivist of Disney's treasury of music, especially Disneyland music. In particular he discusses the ultra rare, made-on-demand CDs that are only available at the 20th Century Music Company, plus the extensive research he did to bring "A Musical History of Disneyland" to life. You'll even learn what a Theremin is and what it has to do with the classic Disneyland attraction Mine Train Thru Nature's Wonderland! If you enjoy the podcast, please feel free to leave a review on the iTunes Podcast Directory.
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Heard the podcast, thought the wine and food sections were boring, like many other WDW / DL podcast topics.

But the Thorton interview was interesting and good. I was a critc of the DL box set and still don't care much for the extra echos or some strange arrangments, but I still listen to and enjoy quite a few selections from the collection.

Waiting to hear news of anything new.
We were at WDW during the third week in March. I almost had to cancel last minute, as I had a VERY unexpected cardiac event just a few weeks before.....BUT, we somewhat hesitatingly went, and I was actually glad we did--ANYWAY, I bought 3 CD's from the last Wonderland release(Hall of Presidents, WDW band, MMC) at the Main St. Cinema. The cast member there(who seemed to be knowledgable--I'd seen him there our last visit) said that they were expecting new titles in a month--no specifics. So, if that information was accurate, we've passed the one month mark; has anyone been by the Main St. Cinema lately? The fact we haven't heard anything from Randy at this point makes me think the information I was given was incorrect--unless the additions were only going to be previously released CD's and nothing particularly new and noteworthy.