Disneyland Pepsi Promo album restoration



I recently won a Pepsi promo album called "New Year's Eve at Disneyland" on eBay. I'm assuming it dates back to c1966 after Disney and Pepsi formed an alliance for the World's Fair sponsorship. (I'm guessing about the date because I had previously obtained a Pepsi commercial which was filmed in Disneyland and dated 1963 and one of the songs featured is from 1966.)

While most of my LP transfers have been easy because the sources were good, this one shows its age with a healthy number of pops and one major skip. Can anyone shed some light on what I might be able to use on a Mac to eliminate the unwanted noise? I'd also like to eliminate the skip by pasting the source song (Bobby Hebb's "Sunny") into the skip. Any advice would be appreciated.