Disneyland Park CDs for sale


I'm going to be in Anaheim in March and I was wondering if anybody could post a list of currently avaliable CDs at Disneyland?

Big Al

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There isn't much in terms of quantity, but quality, o yes.

A Musical History of Disneyland 6-cd set
Happiest Homecoming on Earth 2-CD set
I haven't seen any other cds of theme park music except on the Wonderland machines.


It's been awhile since I've been into Greetings from California or 20th Century or anyplace that sells lots of CDs, but are they still selling the Electrical Parade, Fantasmic, or Holiday Magic CDs?


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Last time I was there in January they were still selling the Holiday Magic and Fantasmic! cds. Didn't see the other one.

X-S Tech

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Why wouldn't you count the Wonderland Music CD's? These include:
America Sings
Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln
Hall of Presidents
Walt Disney WOrld Band
Country Bear Jamboree
Meet Me on Main St.
The Enchanted Tiki Room
It's a Small World (NYWF)
and probably more that I'm forgetting.

Plus the Theme Park Karaoke CD, the HMH CD. Yes I think the Holiday Magic CD is still available at least at Off the Page in DCA, not sure about others.

We don't have TDL's endless parade of Parade and Show CD's but we've done allright this past year.