Disneyland Paris pisses me off


That's all.

It's like the official disney theme park version of David O'Neal these days with soundtracks, and they really are from the official disney archive. But it somehow feels even more of a crime.


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Don't get that.
There's quite a few areas there with their own BGM (not a needle drop in earshot).
Fort Comstock, Pirate areas, Toad Hall, Entrance loops, loads of Fantasyland areas.
Yes there's a few areas (Frontierland general area for example) that have needle-drops (well, last August, anyway).
From the playlists available, I had thought just the opposite - especially on the rides.
Mind you, one of my favourite (OK, in the US, favorite without the "u") sounds is entering Frontierland on the train and hearing "the magnificent seven" and looking over to BTM.
Is there really that much more "park only" music in the US parks?

An honest enquiry (Inquiry) as I've not been to the US parks at all.
I didn't know that had a Fort Comstock area in Disneyland Paris. I have never been there. My maiden name was Comstock. Pretty funny! ;D