Disneyland Paris Music Loop Notes

Hello everyone,

I had forgotten all about some notes I took on the Disneyland Paris music loops when I was last there in 2000. Most of the names of the music loops are my own, with the exception of the "Discoveryland Fountain Loop" (its official title). These were all notes I took while walking around the Park, so hopefully they make some kind of sense!


1. Pirate Ship, Pirates Queue, Adventureland environs
- features some Columbia DLF tracks as well as other sea shanties

01 - Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me)
02 - Song #2
03 - Oh Johnny Come to Hilo
04 - A Pirate's Life
05 - Song #5
06 - Fathoms Below
07 - Song #7
08 - Song #8
09 - Never Smile at a Crocodile
10 - Song #10
11 - What Do You Say to a Drunken Sailor?
12 - Whale of a Tale
13 - Blow the Man Down
14 - Song #14
15 - Song #15
16 - Haul Boys Haul
17 - Song #17
18 - Under the Sea
19 - Song #19
20 - A Long Time Ago
21 - The Elegant Captain Hook
22 - Song of the Fishes
23 - An American Frigate
24 - Song #24
25 - Song #25
26 - Song #26
27 - Song #27
28 - Jig
29 - Song #29
30 - Song #30
31 - Blow the Man Down
32 - Song #32

2. "Adventureland Loop A"
- it only plays near the leftmost entrance to the land from the Hub
- I'd describe it as "Persian sounding"; I think I recognized Arabian Nights in this loop

3. "Adventureland Loop B"
- drums (something like the Balafon Adventureland music from WDW's AL)
- plays at the Restaurant Hakuna Matata and surrounding area

4. Indiana Jones Queue
- plays in the queue, possibly just music from the films

5. Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost
- very short loop of only three or four songs, two of which are the Elephant March (not sure if that's the exact title; from the Jungle Book) and Onward, Christian Soldiers


6. Discoveryland Fountain Loop (composed by David Tolley)
- this seems to be the main Discoveryland loop and plays throughout most places in the land
- I noticed it playing at the following places:
- Fantasyland/Discoveryland walkway
- Discoveryland Station overflow queue
- Constellations interior & exterior
- Star Tours exit (exterior)
- Star Traders exterior
- Honey Queue (possibly; it was very loud and I couldn't really tell)
- Timekeeper Exit (Exterior)
- Orbitron
- Discoveryland Entrance
- Autopia Exit & Restrooms
- from speakers on Space Mountain's exterior (Star Tours side)
- this loop plays at the Horizons Bay restaurant in Tokyo DisneySea and for a brief time played near Innoventions at Epcot

7. Space Mountain Loop
- this loop plays on the backside of Space Mountain and in the SM queue

01 - Columbus - The Discovery
02 - Krull - Love Theme
03 - Krull - Ride of the Firemares
04 - Space Mountain Impressions
05 - Shooting Stars
06 - Columbus - The Sea
07 - Rocketeer - The Flying Circus
08 - Always
09 - Krull - Epilog
10 - Rocketeer - End Title

8. Pizza Planet Loop
- this plays at the exterior and possibly inside as well

9. Star Traders Interior
- appears to play the Star Tours Exit Music from DL


10. Alice's Curious Labyrinth
- I noticed at least two DLF tracks playing here (March of the Cards and All in the Golden Afternoon), but there were others

11. Auberge de Cindrillon
- after identifying most of the songs, the loop began to repeat - but not in the order I had written it down in! It seems it's a CD of separate tracks and someone hit "randomize". Anyway, these are the tracks I noticed playing there, in the style of the Disney Gallery and Club 33 DLF tracks:
- Spoonful of Sugar (Disney Gallery DLF)
- You Can Fly (I'm pretty sure this is NOT the C33 DLF tarck)
- Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (Disney Gallery DLF)
- 100 Acre Wood/Winnie the Pooh Medley
- Unknown Vocal
- Little April Showers (Club 33 DLF)
- All in the Golden Afternoon
- Once Upon a Dream
- it's a small world
- Chim Chim Cher-ee
- In a World of My Own
- Heigh-Ho
- Hi Diddle Dee Dee
- Whistle While You Work
- Some Day My Prince Will Come
- I Wonder
- Give a Little Whistle
- Belle
- The Work Song
- When You Wish Upon a Star
- Snow White Medley(?)
- Laughing Place (Disney Gallery DLF)

12. Main Fantasyland Loop
- this is in the style of a band organ, but to the best of my knowledge is different from the carrousels at DL and WDW. It plays in the following areas:
- Carrousel
- Castle Courtyard
- Fantasyland shop interiors(?)
- near Peter Pan
- near The Old Mill restaurant

13. "it's a small world" Loop
- around the attraction's entrance and exit
- is a shortened version of the original Disneyland load music

14. Fantasyland "Restaurant Row" Loop
- plays in the area of La Belle Notte (also in that restaurant's interior)

15. Sleeping Beauty Castle Loop
- between the Castle and Adventureland entrance
- Edited version of "Fantasyland Castle Medley" from 1997 DL OA
- it's possible there's a different loop on the opposite side of the Castle

16. Storybook Land / Casey Jr. Loop
- the only song I ID'd in the short time I was back there was "Little April Showers"

17. Dumbo Loop
- the attraction seems to have its own music loop in the surrounding area
- it may be part of a bigger loop encompassing Dumbo, Toad Hall Restaurant, and the exterior of the Fantasyland Stage

18. Au Chalet de la Marionette
- has its own music loop, similar to the Village Haus, if I remember correctly



19. Big Thunder Queue

01 - Wabash Cannonball (1:06)
02 - Savage Sam and Me (2:22)
03 - Ridin' Home to Wyoming (2:12)
04 - Boy Girl Theme (1:51)
05 - Bullwhip Griffin (2:15)
06 - The Saga of Andy Burnett (1:30)
07 - Old Yeller (1:58)
08 - Pecos Bill (1:12)
09 - Roamin' the Lawless West (1:37)
10 - On Top of Old Smokey (2:33)
11 - Bang! Goes Old Betsy (1:58)
12 - Red River Valley (2:36)
13 - Polly Wolly Doodle (2:00)
14 - Home on the Range (2:28)
15 - Song #15 (2:13)
16 - Song #16 (2:01)
17 - Wabash Cannonball (3:25)
18 - Big Rock Candy Mountain (1:00)
19 - Red River Valley (2:25)
20 - Old Folks at Home (Swanee River) (2:21)
21 - I Gave My Girl a Cherry (1:41)
22 - Turkey in the Straw (1:41)
23 - Oh Susannah (1:20)
24 - Old Man Tucker (2:52)
25 - West of the Wide Missouri (1:18)
26 - All Aboard the Mine Train (1:41)
27 - California Gold (0:53)
28 - A Cowboy Needs a Horse (1:27)
29 - Dry Gulch Cowboy (0:55)
30 - Bang! Goes Old Betsy (1:25)
31 - Ti Yi Yo (1:42)
32 - Apple Dumpling Gang Theme (1:07)
33 - Buffalo Gals (1:02)

20. Frontierland Station
- while waiting for the train I recognized "Clementine" playing, but that's all I was able to ID

21. Silver Spur Steakhouse
- following is a partial track listing:
- Get Along Little Doggies
- Tumbling Tumbleweeds
- Clementine
- Back in the Saddle Again
- Home on the Range
- Red River Valley
- When Johnny Comes Marching Home
- Davy Crockett
- Jingle Jangle
- My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
- Don't Fence Me In

22. Frontierland Entrance Loop
- I only heard this playing from one speaker, at the Entrance Stockade
- I was able to ID "Ghost Riders in the Sky" in the Loop, but it's definitely different from DL's BGM

23. Lucky Nugget Exterior Music Loop
- these songs seemed to have vocals (at least some of them)
- possible it's also the Interior music loop; I never went inside so I can't confirm

24. "Frontierland Music Loop A"
- Silver Spur Steakhouse Exterior
- near Big Thunder
- at the Keel Boat Landing
- this loop seems to have the more recent western film themes (not old, classic western songs); I think I heard my dad mention that he heard the theme from "The Maginificent Seven," but I'm even worse at ID'ing western songs than any others, so I can't confirm!

25. "Frontierland Music Loop B"
- plays at the Cowboy Cookout Barbecue
- it's possible this loop is the same as that that plays in the Frontierland Station


26. Walt's Restaurant Interior Music Loop

01 - Casey at the Bat
02 - Song #2
03 - Song #3
04 - Medley (Oh Danny Boy / My Irish Rose? / When Irish Eyes are Smiling)
05 - Thru the Mirror
06 - Dear Old Swanee
08 - Minnie's Yoo Hoo
09 - Song #8
10 - Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo
11 - Song #10
12 - Davy Crockett
13 - A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes
14 - Winnie the Pooh
15 - Steamboat Willie
16 - Song #15
17 - Turkey in the Straw
18 - Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
19 - When You Wish Upon a Star
20 - Once Upon a Dream
21 - Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
22 - Bella Notte
23 - You Can Fly!
24 - "it's a small world"
25 - Under the Sea
26 - Song #25
27 - Mickey Mouse Club March

27. Main Street Exterior Music Loop

01 - Song #1
02 - Atlantic City (Ragtime)
03 - Clef Club No 2 (Ragtime)
04 - I Could Love a Million Girls
05 - Yankee Doodle
06 - Banana Peel Rag
07 - Aviation Rag
08 - Old Timers Waltz Medley
09 - Beautiful Beulah
10 - Flitterin'
11 - Fortuosity
12 - Made in America
13 - Delmonico Polka (Ragtime)
14 - Dynamite Rag
15 - Kentucky Home
16 - Bring Back My Lovin' Honey Boy
17 - Song #17
18 - How Ya Gonna Keep 'em Down on the Farm?
19 - Dearie
20 - Winter Garden Rag
21 - Black and White Rag
22 - Song #22
23 - Song #23
24 - China Town
25 - Song #25
26 - Goodbye My Coney Island Baby
27 - Let's Have a Drink On It
28 - Mary's a Grand Ol' Name

28. Other Main Street loops
- Arcades and Shops possibly have their own loops
- Disney & Co. and Lilly's Boutique definitely have different music loops
- I have a suspicion that the Liberty Arcade and the Discovery Arcade Loops are different

- in addition to everything above, while visiting the hotel gift shops, they all seem to have different music loops!
- there are lots of interior loops and things on attractions that I'm sure I haven't touched; these are notes I jotted down as I was going around the Park



Wow Jason! You certainly are a fount of knowledge!! Just one question -- did they look at you strangely as you walked around the park with that faraway gaze in your eyes, writing furiously and humming to yourself??? ;D Thanks for posting this.


Hi there!

First of all, great work Jason! I'd like to add some notes of my own, since I've also been trying to assemble DLP music loop lists for a while...

The Adventureland 1 list I've made is almost identical to yours, but in my notes, your Song #2 doesn't exist, resulting in only 31 songs in total... I guess I'll have to check that again next time I'm there.

Col. Hathi's loop contains a lot more than three or four songs... there are 7 tracks from the Jungle Book alone (Overture, Jungle Beat, the Elephant March -- twice -- , Trust In Me, I Wanna Be Like You and Bare Necessities), plus several marches, at which I'm no good to identify. :)

The regular (exteriour) Main Street loop is actually only one of two. The music changes at noon or around 4pm (depending on how long the park is open, I think), and yours is the afternoon/evening loop.

Now, here's my list for the Frontierland music loop A:

1. High Noon (D. Tiomkin)
2. The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (E. Morricone)
3. The Comancheros (E. Bernstein / Webster)
4. Sweet Betsy from Pike (Trad.) (?)
5. The Big Country (J. Moross)
6. ?
7. Bonanza (Livingston)
8. Hang 'em High (D. Frontiere)
9. Silverado (B. Broughton)
10. Buggy Ride from Duel in the Sun (D. Tiomkin)
11. Oklahoma Crude (H. Mancini)
12. Johnny Guitar (V. Young)
13. Return of the Magnificent Seven (E. Bernstein)
14. ?
15. Prelude from Duel in the Sun (D. Tiomkin)
16. ?
17. Medley: Maverick / The Rebel / Bat Masterson (D. Buttolph / R. Markowitz / B. Cordin & H. Wray)
18. Lonesome Dove (B. Poledouris)
19. Medley: The Big Valley / Have Gun, Will Travel (G. Dunning / J. Western, S. Rolfe & R. Boone)
20. For a Few Dollars More (E. Morricone)
21. The Cowboys from Sunset (H. Mancini)
22. The Sons of Katie Elder (E. Bernstein)
23. City Slickers (M. Shaiman)
24. ?

David G


a few more random notes I just thought of when reading your posts again...


You're right, AL Loop A (2.) does use several tracks from Aladdin (e.g. "Marketplace").

The Indiana Jones loop uses music from all three Indy films (I think I once made a partial list, I'll see if I can find it).


At Pizza Planet, the loop currently includes instrumental versions of You've Got a Friend In Me and Strange Things from Toy Story. From 2000 till late 2001 or early 2002, it had a different loop including some music from Toy Story 2, but this was replaced again by its more charming original track list.


The shop Merlin l'Enchanteur inside the castle has its own music loop, which includes the "Joyne Hands" track released on "Une Journee a DLP". I'm pretty sure the other castle shop also has its own loop.

The same goes for Toad Hall and the area around Peter Pan, which plays Drunken Sailor and similar songs as marches -- the Dumbo loop is different with Entry of the Gladiators and other music in fast circus orchestra arrangements.


20. and 25. are indeed the same loop.

22. (Frontierland Entrance Loop) also includes Pecos Bill (as heard in the Imagineering the Dream loop) and -- I think -- Davy Crockett, and it can also be heard inside the Fuente del Oro restaurant.

There seems to be a seperate loop playing in the restrooms near Phantom Manor, including "My Bonny Is Over the Ocean", but then again, it might be the same as 20 and 25...

The Phantom Manor area music loop consists of one track: The Endless Hallway Bride Humming (also heard inside the ride). This is played from speakers in the garden, along the exit pathway and at Boot Hill.

Main Street

I remember an interview where Eddie Sotto mentioned Main Street at DLP having 15 seperate channels of background music... but I didn't count.

Now, that's all for tonight ;)


X-S Tech

Active Member
Great notes David!

But as for Phantom Manor, I'm not sure that the Humming Bride from inside the Manor is the same as the one heard outside. From what I remember she just hummed once in a while nad then giggled once in a while. Also the main musical track I remember whas the Music Box being played, I believe from the Gazebo in the queue area. I'm going from memory so I may be wrong though.


Thanks X-S; I hope my notes helped a little!

As for the Phantom Manor area -- trust me, I've spent far too much time in and around PM... ;) it's definitely the same recording. I'll see if I can make some mp3 comparing the two tracks.

I wasn't sure if the Gazebo music box would count as area music, but if we include it, we shouldn't forget the music played in the covered load building (the "Garden Pavilion"). It's a three and a half minutes mix of the Bride's Boudoir gramophone track, with wind FX, chimes and faint voices.

Ah well, here's the complete list of music played at PM... :)

Environ Bride Humming
Gazebo Music Box
Garden Pavillion Music
Foyer Music
Stretch Room Music
Portrait Gallery BGM
Portrait Gallery Bride Humming
Grand Staircase BGM
The Bride's Welcome BGM
The Bride's Welcome Humming
Endless Hallway BGM (as The Bride's Welcome BGM)
Endless Hallway Bride Humming (as Environ Bride Humming)
Music Room Piano
Corridor of Doors BGM (as The Bride's Welcome BGM)
Clock Hall BGM (as The Bride's Welcome BGM)
Seance Circle BGM
Grand Hall BGM
Grand Hall Bride Humming
Grand Hall Organ
Bride's Boudoir Clock Chimes
Bride's Boudoir Music Box #1
Bride's Boudoir Music Box #2
Bride's Boudoir Gramophone
Bride's Boudoir Bride "Sobbing"
Graveyard Garden BGM
Casket Tunnel BGM
Skeleton Catacombs BGM
Skeleton Catacombs Bust Chorus
Skeleton Catacombs Bust Solo
Skeleton Catacombs Skull-O-Phone
Skeleton Catacombs Bone Rattle
Phantom Canyon BGM
Phantom Canyon Saloon Piano
Pointing Bride BGM
Pointing Bride, Bride Humming
Poltergeist Mirrors BGM
Wine Cellar BGM (as Portrait Gallery BGM)
Little Leota BGM (as Portrait Gallery BGM)

(For most tracks, I've listed the official names used during production, but here and there, I changed it for clarity or simply because it wasn't listed in any of the documents I have.)

All tracks are one minute long (well, 59.5 seconds IIRC), with the exceptions of the Gazebo music box and the Garden Pavillion track. Also, currently only the first half of each Bride's Boudoir track is played, and the Audio Maintenance dept. seems to be unable to fix this...

If you'd like some more info on the music, I've written a text about the PM audio production, which you can read on my site (http://welcome.to/ravenswood.manor -- the first link in the "Library").



After reading the first posts once again, I thought of even more notes..... sorry! ;D


The Carousel music seems to be the same that's available on WDWF... Since all of these tracks are popular songs from Disney films, it should be relatively easy to make a list -- I'll try that next time!

The Bella Notte loop includes the following songs (among others):
-Bella Notte
-Chianti Song
-Funicul? Funicul?
-O Sole Mio
-Pizzica Pizzica
-Reginella Campagnola
-Santa Lucia
-Tarantella Napoletana
-Around the World in 80 Days (from the 50's (?) movie starring David Niven; music by Victor Young)

At Alice's Curious Labyrinth, you can also hear I'm Late and Painting the Roses Red.

From the Storybookland area I only remember Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy from the Nutcracker ballet.


The exteriour Lucky Nugget Saloon loop mentioned above was only used for a while in 2000 during character tea parties. Normally, the "Frontierland A" Loop is played there. The interiour music loop (which also plays at the Last Chance Cafe next door) includes Heigh Ho, the Tiki Room and Step in Time from Mary Poppins in honky-tonk piano arrangements.