Disneyland Paris CD's


Hey ?yall!

Does anyone know how I could get a copy of the following cds-
(Disneyland Paris CD?s)

10th Anniversary Album
Catalogue Number- EDDA018-2

No?l ? Disneyland Paris
Christmas in Disneyland Paris
Catalogue Number-EDDA007-2

No?l ? Disneyland Paris [Original Version]
Christmas in Disneyland Paris
Catalogue Number- EDDA002-2

I?ve looked EVERYWHERE and can?t find anything! Thanks!

Also, I spotted some CD?s on AMAZON about a month ago that I can?t find anymore. The had some disney characters in the corners of the case and what seemed to be the voices of liberty in the middle. It was Christmas CD and it looked really good! Does anyone have any idea what I?m talking about?

Thanks soooo much for your help!!!!

Have a great day-


About the three Disneyland Paris CDs: unfortunately they are no longer available / sold out. There is no indication that they will re-release them.

Your best chance would be e-bay therefore. If you do look at e-bay make sure you do not only check e-bay.com but also e-bay.co.uk.



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Hello , you know , Disneyland Paris is located in FRANCE ? ....You'd better try www.ebay.fr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for the very polite reply Filament. I appreciate the adult-like behaviour that shows a good upbringing.

Unfortunately ebay.fr is in French and therefore ebay.co.uk has the advantage of being the geographically closest e-bay offer to the resort in English.