Disneyland Official Album ? The 2 Disc Set

Here is the Playlist for the 2 Disc set. I do recommend this set for you folks as well. Though I?m sure you will enjoy the ?completeness? of the Box Set, it?s this 2 disc set, where you can get not only the LeeAnn Rimes track, but also the restored and remixed songs like ?There?s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow?, ?Rainbow Caverns? and ?Grim Grinning Ghosts? ? as just songs as opposed to the full attractions.


Main Street
1. Walt Disney?s Dedication of Disneyland (July 17th, 1955)
2. All Aboard! ? Main Street Station
3. Meet Me Down On Main Street ? The Melomen
4. Alexander?s Ragtime Band ? Rod Miller at Coke Corner
5. The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room ? The Enchanted Tiki Room
6. The Indiana Jones Adventure ? Temple of the Forbidden Eye
7. Swisskapolka ? Swiss Family Treehouse
8. Tarzan?s Treehouse
New Orleans Square
9. Swanee River ? The Royale Street Bachelors
10. Yo Ho (A Pirate?s Life For Me) ? The Pirates of the Caribbean
11. Grim Grinning Ghosts ? The Haunted Mansion
Critter Country
12. Bear Band Serenade ? Country Bear Jamboree
13. Splash Mountain Medley ? Splash Mountain
14. The Great Outdoors ? Country Bear Vacation
15. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
16. The Rainbow Caverns ? Mine Train Through Nature?s Wonderland
17. Once Upon a Dream ? King Arthur?s Carousel
18. The Fantasyland Darkride Suite
19. It?s a Small World

Mickey?s Toontown
1. Steamboat Willie
2. Roger Rabbit?s Cartoon Spin
3. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ? 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Exhibit
4. The Monorail Song ? The Alweg Monorail
5. Miracles From Molecules ? Adventure Thru Inner Space
6. Star Tours
7. There?s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow ? The Carousel of Progress
8. Space Mountain
9. Buzz Lightyear?s Astro Blasters
10. Space Mountain (New Daytime Track)
11. Remember When ? LeeAnn Rimes

The Golden State
12. Soarin? ? Soarin? Over California
13. It?s Tough To Be a Bug
14. Seasons of the Vine (Medley)
15. The Bakery Theme ? Boudin Bakery
Paradise Pier
16. California Screamin?
Hollywood Pictures Backlot
17. Playhouse Disney
18.Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
Disneyland Resort
19. Remember, Dreams Come True ? Fireworks Spectacular

As for the single disc National release, it?s the same as the 2 disc with half the material. Unless you live far away and can?t order either THE BOX or the 2 Disc set, you?ll have no need for this release.

With the box set taking nearly 5 months just in studio time alone, coupled with the fact that Walt Disney World moved up it?s request for the official album, I could not do all that I wanted for the WDW CDs. So I decided to make the WDW album a little retro as well ? with both discs coming in at over 79 minutes each. I know that many of you already have some of this material, but the casual Disneyworlder doesn?t -? and it makes for some great nostalgic listening to hear the themes from Horizons followed by Mission Space?s ?Destiny?. In the next day or so, I?ll post the playlist.

Randy Thornton


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Randy, how come u had to differentiate between a daytime track for space mountain, does that mean their will be a nighttime track as well


This is great! Randy, you're the best!

Quick question-
Is the Tower of Terror track the same as all the other official albums or is it a ride through? Just wondering.

Thanks again!

X-S Tech

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It's been reported officially that Space Mountain will be a unique experience at night. While I don't think it's officially been mentioned, it's been leaked, from several fairly reliable sources, that the nighttime version will be called something akin to "Rock-It Mountain", and will have a soundtrack consisting of various popular Rock tunes. Not famous Rock Tunes orchestrated to fit the Coaster, not a new piece done in Rock Style- Just rock songs. Again, that's not official, but it's all pretty well known. Looks like I'm gonna have to be visiting Space Mountain during the day a lot more...


WOW ... another great CD-release ... I guess this means I have to place one more order. Can't wait for it!

Does anyone know, whether this 2-CD-set will be available via DisneyDirect too? I am just asking as I want to try to keep the international shipping costs (which are usually way above the price of a 2-CD-set) down and from my understanding will have to order the 6-CD-set from DisneyDirect if I want to stand a chance to get the limited edition with the vinyl.



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Will this be a limited edition? I am planning on waiting to buy this until I visit Disneyland in July, is that a bad idea? Also, do you know how much this set is?