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Re: Aladdin's Oasis BGM on list of "missing" loops

I know the Oasis has gone through a number of incarnations, from the dinner show, to a themed restaurant space, to the storytelling it is today. Did all three use the same BGM? Does storytelling even have music? I've only been once, so I don't remember what they do now.

Once during the restaurant phase, we sat there long enough to identify the songs:

1. Lawrence of Arabia
2. Dueling Banjos
3. Sweet Georgia Brown
4. Norwegian Wood
5. The Entertainer
6. In the Mood
7. Caravan
8. Surfin' USA
9. New York, New York
10. I Dream of Jeannie
11. Sing, Sing, Sing
12. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

Of course, it was all this funky middle-eastern-sitar type stuff, so who knows where it came from.

BTW, this is an absolutely fantastic discussion--thanks to everyone for all this great info. Now the question is *finding* all this...hehehe

Ryan Kilpatrick

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Oh Jason, why did you have to start this? I'm sitting here with almost 3 GB of Disneyland stuff, about ready to start burning my 20 CDs of material, and then I see that I'm missing all these music loops! Of course, being a completist, I could never burn a CD that was only half the story! And then you list music loops we don't even have!

It is fun to track this stuff down, though. And thanks to all you guys for helping out this 56K slacker. I'm currently working on Tomorrowland Loops (nowhere near done). Any information on where to find some of those would be great.
Thanks for the Aladdin's Oasis BGM listing! Having never eaten at Aladdin's Oasis when it was a restaurant, and only having seen the storytelling once back in 1997, I don't know if it uses that music or any music before the show. But your post does bring up an interesting point--music loops have been known to change over the years. The changes in the Main Street music loop have been frustrating to figure out!!

And Ryan: sooooorrrryyy! ;)



You're correct that the Desecration Rag No. 1 is edited. That's actually what I was thinking of rather than the Aviation Rag. But it not matching your recording is easily explained. Track No 8 is one of the two discrepancies between the DL and WDW loops. At DL, it's "Aviation Rag"; at WDW, it's "Before the Parade Passes By." Since "Before the Parade Passes By" is also from Hello, Dolly!, it makes sense that it would come between Elegance and Put On Your Sunday clothes. One wonders why it would be changed to "Aviation Rag" at Disneyland...

What's the other discrepancy between the parks' loops?


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Oh, Jason, you know I'm just kidding. You're so sensitive.

Anyway, I read somewhere that the Plaza Inn BGM was the same as the Crystal Palace in WDW. Not that I have that list, but I know that it exists somewhere. If anyone has the Crystal Palace list, then we can find the Plaza Inn.

I was working yesterday on the Disney Gallery Tomorrowland 1955-1989 loop, and I'm missing these four tracks:

America the Beautiful Opening
People Mover Boarding Announcement
Miracles from Molecules (Lounge Version) - Jason, any idea what the difference in this and the other version on that loop is?
People Mover Narration (Jack Wagner) - I have the updated version, with the female voice.

If anyone has these tracks I'll trade you whatever you might be missing from the rest of that loop.
I'm told that the lounge version of Miracles from Molecules played in the unload area. I've heard it before, and it's kind of a mellow version of the song. It's all instrumental.

The Jack Wagner track on that loop is interesting. Someone somewhere along the line made a mistake in mixing it down, because they have WDW PeopleMover music playing behind Jack's spiel!



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As a supplement to Jason's excellent lists, here is the completemlisting of titles and artists heard on the Main Street Christmas loop. By next Christmas I hope to put together a cleaned-up, stereo version of the loop.

Main Street Area Music Loop (Christmas)
01. The Christmas Tree - David Rose
02. The Twelve Days of Christmas - David Rose
03. The First Noel - Music Box Collection of Rita Ford
04. Toyland - David Rose
05. Do You Hear What I Hear? - John Gregory (Ed Sullivan Presents)
06. White Christmas - John Gregory (Ed Sullivan Presents)
07. Zu Bethlehem Geboren - Music Box Collection of Rita Ford
08. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - John Gregory (Ed Sullivan Presents)
09. The Christmas Song - David Rose
10. Silver Bells - Raymond Lefevre
11. Jingle Bells - Raymond Lefevre
12. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing - Music Box Collection of Rita Ford
13. Caroling, Caroling - The Hollywood Pops Orchestra
14. Deck the Halls - Felix Slatkin
15. O Tannenbaum - Music Box Collection of Rita Ford
16. Little Father Christmas - Raymond Lefevre
17. Jingle Bell Rock - The Hollyridge Strings
18. Jingle Bells - Music Box Collection of Rita Ford
19. The Christmas Waltz - David Rose
20. The First Noel - Teo Macero (Ed Sullivan Presents)
21. Carol of the Bells - The Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra
22. Ihr Kinderlein Kommet - Felix Slatkin
23. Ihr Kinderlein Kommet - Music Box Collection of Rita Ford
24. White Christmas - Lawrence Welk
25. I'll Be Home for Christmas - Lawrence Welk
26. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - Lawrence Welk
27. Still, Still, Holy Melody - Music Box Collection of Rita Ford
28. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing - Lawrence Welk
29. Deck the Halls - Lawrence Welk
30. Lobe Den Herren - Music Box Collection of Rita Ford
Jason, thank you so much, these lists are nothing short of phenomenal! Being from Maine, we frequent Walt Disney World, but my "roots" will always be in Disneyland, having been there first in 1967 as the end-point of the classic family- summer- "road-trip"--but that's another story! In any case, it certainly sounds as though there is overlap in the musical loops from both sites! Now let me ask a ridiculously naive question--how does one accumulate this wealth of information? Is it a combination of diligent "field work," select websites, and possibly the "make-your-own CD" kiosks, which are now gone from WDW(Disneyland as well?)? And one last question--I didn't see a music loop for New Orleans Square/Pirates/Haunted Mansion--is one available? Thank you again for work, Michael.

The lists of music that I've posted have indeed been culled from numerous sources. A lot of it is just listening to the music loop and (with the help of friends) identifying what tracks are playing. I've done some live recordings of music loops in the Parks and that's helped somewhat. Other loops are from others who have done the same sort of listening in the past with music loops that no longer play (like the Aladdin's Oasis BGM). The more current needledrop loops, like the DCA stuff, are mostly from WDI lists. Hope that answers the question!

Pirates and Haunted Mansion don't have music loops (unless you're referring to the individual elements that loop), but there is Riverfront Background Music. I have a partial list of that; I can't remember if I posted it yet. Here it is:

Song #1
Song #2
Song #3
Alexander's Ragtime Band
The Royal Garden Blues
Anything Goes
Alabama Jubilee
Maple Leaf Rag
Song #9
The Old Piano Roll Blues
When the Saints Go Marchin' In
Grandfather's Clock
After You've Gone
Song #14
Song #15
Song #16
Song #17

Any jazz fans out there going to Disneyland in the near future that can add to the list? :)



Well, I spent some time in the Hyperion queue today at DCA. This is way way far from complete, and since it was just done from what I recognized, it may have errors, but it's a start, and maybe will inspire others to contribute/correct/validate:

They all basically sounded like overtures or main titles tracks for various films. Stuff in brackets I'm not 100% sure of, but I took a good stab.

Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing
Guys & Dolls
[Dr. Doolittle]
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
The Sound of Music
Damn Yankees
The Wizard of Oz
The Music Man
My Fair Lady
[Meet Me In St. Louis]
South Pacific
New York, New York
Mary Poppins
West Side Story

Unfortunately, they turn the queue music off fairly often (e.g., if there's a show on Hollywood Blvd.), so I never heard a complete loop, and thus have no idea what or even how much might be between V/V and LIAMST.

I've listened to the Hollywood & Dine music before, and while a lot of it is somewhat familiar big band tunes from the 40s, I just am not familiar enough with them to identify many titles.

Oh, and while I'm thinking of it, one more loop to add to the list of loops...Hollywood Pictures Backlot Christmas. I tried taking some notes on it in December, but it was all vocals, and again, I recognized very few of the singers.

So, who wants to set up the "sit and listen to background music for hours" meet at the parks? :)
Thank you for your response, Jason, and for the Riverfront Background Music listings! Currently, to evoke a New Orleans Square atmosphere, I rely on early Louis Armstrong(also reminiscent of the great "Disneyland After Dark" television episode with Louis playing on the deck of the Mark Twain--wow, what a lucky audience!) and Ward Kimball and the Firehouse Five Plus Two(just heard them on the "At Disneyland" CD this morning!). As far as any Pirates music, your new listing for Pirates/Adventureland at Disneyland Paris is a very helpful start! WDW has steel drum music playing in Caribbean Plaza, some of which I believe comes from a Tradition CD titled "Steel Drum Festival," a 1958 field recording done in Antigua. Is anyone able to comment on this? Michael Zielski.


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Scott - Thanks for the Hyperion List. Even though it's complete it makes a great start to get the songs down.

The only song I remember from the Hollywood Christmas Loop was from Nightmare Before Christmas. Definately something I would like to know more of.

I think the best way to tackle this would be to record the loops at the parks, post them to the internet, and use the vast knowledge of the internet to identify them. Shouldn't be too hard right? :)

Ryan Kilpatrick

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OK, this topic has been dormant long enough! It's time to get cracking again on these loops, people.

Seriously, though, I've been working on gathering these songs, and I've got some questions.

1. Did anyone ever figure out what song #8 is on the Toontown loop or song #11 on the Jungle Cruise Queue?

2. Does anyone know where you can find instrumental versions of Smile Darn Ya Smile (Toontown loop) and the Peter Pan's Flight Queue music?

3. What about songs 2, 4, and 5 on the Submarine Voyage Queue? I know, that one's a longshot, but hey, it's worth asking about.

4. Anyone had luck tracking down the Fantasyland Organ tracks or the listing for the Snow White Queue?

C'mon people, we need answers here. Well, at least those of us who live in Georgia and can't go to the park do.


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As for #8 on the Toontown Loop -- I say it's "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf" -- that is the only one that I can find missing from the tracks that were available on WDWF.

As for the Submarine Voyage loop -- I have an amateur, incomplete recording of the queue area, and I hear the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea tracks. The clip I have includes "A Long Time Ago" followed by "Sailor's Hornpipe," which would make it #4. The rest . . . anybody's guess.


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I had to respond to this one. I am delighted to see the loop lists.

I remember the sub queue loop. You could also hear the voice of the sub captain from time to time too.

The Keel boats had a Banjo loop

Then, you have the State Fair and Circus Fantasy loops.

I have an incomplete amateur recording of some of the Big Thunder Ranch State Fair Loop.

There was the music loop that played in the now gone giant music box that was at the Front gate.

There was the African Tribe music loop in the old Jungle Cruise queue. I couldn't tell one song from another.

During my last visit, I rode the Mark Twain. The Boat Landing music is different from what I recorded there.

There is more, I'll stop now.



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I have finally found a newsgroup thread that I can relate to, and after many years of searching. Disney area music loops is definite niche group, even my diehard Disneyana friends think I am out there with this one.

Also a big tip of my Mouse Ears to Jason for his excellant research.


A minor addition, but for completeness' sake:

I noticed today, as I was walking through Frontierland at DL, there is a different loop that plays right at the "fort" at the entrance to the land. It's distinct from the normal Frontierland loop, and only seems to play right there--maybe only from one or two speakers, even.

Anyway, it's only five songs, and maybe only about 7 minutes. The only song I recognized was "When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again". The other four were banjo, fife and drum, that sort of thing.

Sorry for the distinct lack of info, but maybe someone else can go take a listen and see if they recognize anything else.