Disneyland Music Loops

From what I've heard, Disneyland's Frontierland BGM is all needledrop. I bet the Big Thunder Ranch/Barbecue stuff is as well, but the source for that may be harder to track down.

The DLF Big Thunder tracks do play in the Big Thunder queue... just not at Disneyland or Walt Disney World. Those tracks are used in the queue at Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris. They were probably looking for some more tracks to sell and those were "good enough."

This is a list I found somewhere on the internet (perhaps here?) of the Big Thunder queue for DLP and TDL:

Big Thunder Mt. load music 1987-present

(*not used in American versions)

West of the Wide Missouri
All Aboard the Mine Train
California Gold
A Cowboy Needs A Horse*
Dry Gulch Cowboy
Bang Goes Old Betsey
Ti Ti Yo
Apple Dumpling Gang theme*
Buffalo Gals
Pecos Bill
Savage Sam and Me
Ridin' Home to Wyoming
Boy Girl Theme (?)*
Bullwhip Griffin*
The Saga of Andy Burnett*
Old Yeller (used in BTQ)
Pecos Bill arrangement 2
Roamin the Lawless West
On Top of Old Smokey
Bang! Goes Old Betsy arrangement 2
Red River Valley
Polly Wolly Doodle*
Home on the Range
Wabash Canonball*
Big Rock Candy Mt.
Red River Valley arrangement 2
Way Down Upon the Swanee River
I Gave My Girl a Cherry*
Turkey in the Straw*
Oh Susanna


Ryan Kilpatrick

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Interesting. I guess Pressler, Eisner and the like didn't think it was important if the tracks they sold were actually from Disneyland, because none of us are smart enough to know the difference, right?

Is there any of the Space Mtn Concourse stuff available somewhere? I know that the file sharing places have most of it, but I didn't know if it was on a web site or anywhere else. I have the DL Forever stuff, but nothing else.

Also, what about the medleys in Fantasyland queues? Are they out on disc?
Some of the Space Mountain Concourse material is floating out there. Below is a listing of the Concourse tracks that were available on Disneyland Forever only on Media Day (5/21/98):

- Energy
- Golden Dream
- It's Fun to Be Free
- Let's Listen to the Land
- Magic Journeys
- One Little Spark
- Universe of Energy

The following tracks have never been released:

- Tomorrowland 2055 Fanfare
- Tomorrowland 2055 Theme & Fanfare
- Timekeeper
- Tomorrowland 2055 Theme #1
- Tomorrowland 2055 Theme #2
- Go Go Goodyear
- Pop Goes the Weasel
- We are Here to Change the World (this is the same version that plays in the DLP Main Entrance loop)

I think the Space Mtn Concourse loop is my favorite one in Disneyland because of all the Tomorrowland oldies. This is a short history of it that I wrote up for the annotated Disneyland Forever list that's available on MousePlanet:

When Walt Disney Imagineering began in earnest to brainstorm how Tomorrowland could be remodeled, one of the earliest ideas was a plan known as “Tomorrowland 2055.” It would have been a sleek, Blade Runner-esque future that would have featured lots of metallic colors, Alien Encounter where Mission to Mars used to be, and a brand new theater show in the Carousel Theater. Like in the Tomorrowland that was eventually opened in 1998, Tomorrowland 2055 also saw the return of the Moonliner. However, that was not the only homage to the past that would have been part of TL2055. There was going to be an area music loop featuring something like “Tomorrowland’s Greatest Hits:” Go Go Goodyear (Peoplemover platform), We are Here to Change the World (Captain EO), Miracles from Molecules (Adventure Thru Inner Space), etc. The loop was recorded (on October 16, 1991 at the Fox Recording Studios), but it was not used as area music for the new Tomorrowland. Instead, it was installed in the Space Mountain restrooms (go figure…) and up on the Space Mountain Concourse. Along with the songs paying homage to past Tomorrowland attractions, there was new material (two TL2055 themes, a TL2055 theme and fanfare, and a TL2055 fanfare), the Timekeeper theme, and songs from the original Epcot entrance loop. The four currently-available Space Mountain Concourse selections were recorded to be part of this loop. (20K Leagues Under the Sea pays tribute to the 20K Leagues Under the Sea Exhibit that was in the original Tomorrowland.)


Ryan Kilpatrick

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Jason, you continue to amaze! I love the SM Concourse stuff that I have (5 Epcot DL Forever tunes and the 4 DL Forever TL songs), but would love to find the complete loop. I have never heard the Magic Journeys or One Little Spark from media day. Anyone have those?

I plan on downloading from Audiogalaxy the Tomorrowland Theme, and if that is not something I already know, I will assume it is the 2055 theme. Have you heard this track, Jason? If so, I'll send it to you when I get it and you can confirm/deny if it's the right one.

But, while I'm here, oh master of DL loops, any word on Fantasyland? I'm assuming these were all custom made medleys and are not available anywhere.

I have heard the full Concourse loop (too bad it doesn't play throughout the land as it was supposed to!) and would be able to identify the track. If it's just labeled "Tomorrowland Theme," it's possible it's the song that was used in the UPN New Tomorrowland special in 1998. The length of that song is 3 minutes flat.

I'm not as familiar with Disney film music, so I'm unsure as to if those tracks have ever been released. My guess would be no. Many of the old Fantasyland queue tracks were simply taken from the international soundtracks of the animated films and were music and sound effects. Some of those tracks were available once on "Huck's Attic" and are probably somewhere out there on file-trading programs.

I don't have a list for the Hollywood Pictures Backlot. I'm working on the Jim Henson's Muppet*Vision 3D Queue Music now, but probably won't have a complete list for awhile. Here's what I have so far:

01. Steppin' Out with a Star
02. Movin' Right Along
03. Song #3
04. Happiness Hotel
05. Together Again
06. Hey, a Movie!
07. Rainbow Connection

Oh, and this is the Sunshine Plaza BGM list:

01. California Dreamin' - The Mamas & The Papas
02. California, Here I Come - Al Jolson
03. California Sun - The Rivieras
04. Avalon - Natalie Cole
05. Little Old Lady from Pasadena - Jan & Dean
06. San Fernando Valley - Bing Crosby
07. Surf City - Jan & Dean
08. If You're Going to San Francisco - Scott McKenzie
09. Hooray for Hollywood - Great Movie Ride
10. Route 66 - Natalie Cole
11. Do You Know the Way to San Jose? - Dionne Warwick
12. California Girls - Beach Boys
13. I Love LA - Randy Newman
14. Hollywood Nights - Bob Seger
15. Surfin' USA - Beach Boys
16. San Francisco Bay - Peter, Paul and Mary
17. 26 Miles (Santa Catalina) - The Four Preps


You should get paid (besides the kudos) for this..
but it would never be enough.

great info.. all that you are posting I'm putting into a Word file for my own reference. Thanks so much.


Jason, Thanks so much for posting these. You are a wonderful resource of information! I can see I have quite a ways to go to get my collection together but I look forward to the hunt! :) Thanks again!!

Jeff and Martha: You're very welcome! I love Disney park audio as much as anyone and I'm glad to be able to share what I've gathered. It's good to know that others care about the information too!



As for the Aviation Rag discrepancy, the PRO track is the one that's used, but it is edited. (Oh You Drummer! is edited as well.) I don't have the CD handy to check on the track to see approx. where the edits are, but it's definitely the PRO version.


Hmm, interesting...this must be one of the differences between the loops at DL & WDW. I recorded the loop from WDW & it is most definitely not the same track; in fact, it doesn't even sound like "Aviation Rag". I wonder what the title of the song used at WDW is then...

Anyways, the edit on "Oh, You Drummer" is the removal of a chorus shouting the words, "Oh, you drummer" twice during the song.

Also, "A Symphonic Nightmare: Desecration Rag No. 1" is edited by about 2-1/2 minutes as well. The track played in the parks removes the section of the PRO track from 1:31-4:04.

Thanks so much for all the info on the various loops; this is great!


You're correct that the Desecration Rag No. 1 is edited. That's actually what I was thinking of rather than the Aviation Rag. But it not matching your recording is easily explained. Track No 8 is one of the two discrepancies between the DL and WDW loops. At DL, it's "Aviation Rag"; at WDW, it's "Before the Parade Passes By." Since "Before the Parade Passes By" is also from Hello, Dolly!, it makes sense that it would come between Elegance and Put On Your Sunday clothes. One wonders why it would be changed to "Aviation Rag" at Disneyland...


Ryan Kilpatrick

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Jason, you mentioned in another topic that the New Autopia had a neat queue loop. Any chance you've got that list? Just curious.

BTW, you were correct about the Tomorrowland Theme from Audiogalaxy, it was from the UPN show. Too bad. That's all I would be missing to get the entire loop from Space Mtn.

Let me just say that this is the greatest discussion. I'm enjoying tracking this music down as much as anything I've done in some time.
Unfortunately I don't have a complete list, but it consists of some PeopleMover music, the Monorail Song, and a song from "Magic Highways" (the 1950s film that played in the pre-show area of the Rocket Rods queue).



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So what loops are there that we are missing lists for?

Star Tours Exit Loop?
Mark Twain Music?
Columbia Music?
Rancho Del Zocalo
Critter Country Christmas Loop
ToonTown Christmas Loop
Fantasyland Theater (although I guess this loop might change when the new show comes in)

What else is out there?
This is a list of the ones I know we're missing:

Old Main Street loops
Aladdin's Oasis BGM
Current Disney Gallery BGM (it changed with 100 Mickeys)
Riverfront BGM
Older (Mid-1990s) New Orleans Square BGM loops (day and night!)
Plaza Inn BGM
Critter Country Xmas
Frontierland Xmas
Toontown Xmas
Mark Twain Dock Music
Sailing Ship Columbia (I know an older listing, which is similar to the current one, but not exact)
Mark Twain Riverboat
Village Haus
Matterhorn Queue
Star Tours Exit
PeopleMover BGM (the songs all have names, since they're needledrop stuff from the 70s)
Main Street Cinema
Circle-Vision Lobby
Tomorrowland Space Mountain Plaza (from the 70s)
Alice in Wonderland Original Load BGM
Captain Hook's Galley BGM
Fan 1 & 2 Food Stand Area Music
Fantasyland Band Organ (1970s)
Snow White's Adventures Queue Music
Storybook Land Canal Boats Original BGM
Enchanted Tiki Room Original Lanai BGM
Club 33 BGM
French Market BGM
Casa de Fritos BGM
Hollywood Pictures Backlot
The Bay Area
Paradise Pier Area Music
It's Tough to be a Bug! Queue Music

Pre-Show music for the Fantasyland Theatre would also be on the list for different shows.

Oh, and I found another list:

Tom Sawyer Island Fort Wilderness BGM
0:00 - Home Sweet Home
0:56 - Old Kentucky Home
2:00 - Old Folks at Home (Swanee River)
3:01 - Oh Susannah
3:58 - Song #5



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Here's Paradise Pier:

01 - California Girls
02 - California Sun
03 - I Love LA
04 - All Summer Long
05 - Hang On Sloopy
06 - Wouldn't It Be Nice
07 - I Left My Heart In San Francisco
08 - Aquarius
09 - Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini
10 - Fun Fun Fun
11 - Little Surfer Girl
12 - California Girls Version 2
13 - California Dreamin'
14 - Good Vibrations
15 - Surfin USA
16 - I Get Around
17 - Monday Monday
18 - Little Old Lady From Pasadena
19 - So Happy Together
20 - Dancin' In The Street
21 - Surf City
22 - San Francisco (Flowers In Your Hair)

Gosh if you want to count DCA in that list, we also need:

SuperStar Limo
Hollywood and Dine
Hyperion Queue

Some of the themes from the Bay Area include Forrest Gump, Rudy, Dave and I've heard the theme from "The Accidental Tourist" is on there too, but I can't recall this theme, and since I can't find it anywhere on the internet, I can't confirm if it's on the loop or not.

Hyperion Loop has the overtures from The Music Man and Mary Poppins on it. Those are the only two I can remember right now.

Hollywood and Dine has a lot of Big Band stuff, but less formal than Avalon. I would guess it's almost the same as Jungle Cruise and Indy.

Here was a partial list of what I had for Hollywood Pictures Backlot. Some of this might be hard to track down, since several of the songs were included in medleys and not seperate tracks:

Hooray For Hollywood
Theme from Titanic
Theme from Hook
Theme from Home Improvement
Theme from thirtysomething
Theme from Beverly Hills Cop
Theme from James Bond
Dragnet / Spy Hunter
Theme from Mission Impossible
Theme from The Pink Panther
Singing In The Rain
I Could Dance All Night
People Who Need People
You've Got A Friend In Me
Theme from Star Trek: Voyager
Theme from Superman
Rocketeer / Unknown Medley
The Trolley Song / Over The Rainbow / ?? / Singing In The Rain // ?? - Medley
Theme from Gone With The Wind
Wizard Of Oz Medley

If there are any other songs that people have recognized or heard on these loops that I haven't recognized it would be really great if they could list them. Maybe we can piece together lists from what people have heard.
I haven't spent enough time in DCA to know what we need or not. Since all that stuff is needledrop it's not very appealing. I didn't realize Hollywood Pictures Backlot had so many songs though... every time I walk through there it seems to be playing the Gone with the Wind theme!

I think Grizzly River Run also has some queue music, but I've never been on it so I wouldn't know. If it does, it's possible it's the same as Rushin' River Outfitters.



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You're right. A lot of it is needledrop, but that just makes it easier to find, and that's what makes it so fun!

BTW, I have three tracks that I somehow downloaded a long time ago titled "Muppet Vision Loop 1 thru 3" anyone want to take a stap at identifying these and telling me if they're actually on the Muppet Vision loop or not? I know Ma NA NA NAH is on the loop too, but I don't know if it's the version I have or not.

it's tough to be a bug should be EASY to figure out though. Actually I'd be surprised if someone didn't already write it down after it opened at DAK


Jason. Thanks for your great information.

>Tokyo Disneyland uses Disneyland's pre-1992 BGM as >their Main Gate music,

That's right. Tokyo Disneyland used the Disneyland pre-1992 BGM at Main Entrance, but the order might be different. I said, "used" since they replaced the new loop last year. I am not sure what kind of songs they use now. Last time I visited it was before the replacement.

> and I think also use some of the pre-1992 Main Street >music loop songs in their World Bazaar loop.

I am very interested in pre-1992 Main Street at DL. I have all CDs and LPs that are used currently at TDL World Bazaar.