"Disneyland is Your Land" Lyrics or Music?


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After hearing the music to "Disneyworld is Your World", I am curious if anyone out there has info on the show "Disneyland is Your Land?" Was the Music and Lyrics similar? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Yes, Disneyland is Your Land is EXACTLY the same as the Disney World version--just a few lyric changes. I'd listened to that show for a few months when I came across the COOLEST tribute to this song/show-- "D-Pop Magic" by Jonathan Barr. This show played in Tokyo Disneyland but featured the American Disney Chorus in a remixed version of this show. I HIGHLY recommend purchasing this CD if you like DLIYL or DWIYW. Hope this has been helpful!

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I remember recently hearing the soundtrack to WDW's Tencennial parade and hearing "Disneyworld is Your World" Is that where the song comes from originally? Also which park had the show first?