Disneyland Holiday CD 2007


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:DHello everyone! back from Disneyland and the CASTLE is amazing!!!!,
I wished they could of played with the new ice (LED'S)lighting on the castle during the fireworks, or at the end but I guess they didn't find a way.

Having new "tracks" to the Resort like the Sleeping Beauty Castle Lighting , or the new voice for the fireworks can it be time for DISNEYLAND to have its own new HOLIDAY CD? I mean, you can find, WALT DISNEY WORLD'S HOLIDAY WISHES CD at Disneyland why not release a local CD?

Wish there can be a disneyland Holiday 2007 CD SOUNDTRACK for all of us fans, and finally release the Christmas Fantasy Parade would be a blast!


A new DL holiday is definitely overdue. Of course, you CAN buy WDW's "Holiday Wishes" soundtrack at the park... ::)


Can anyone clue me into if the Holiday Wishes wdw cd is any good? I've been eyeing that cd and I wanted to hear a review before I purchased it.


Do you think the music to holiday wishes is good? If so, it's a good cd. If not, it isn't... It also comes with jingle jungle jammin parade.. if you like this parade... sure, it's a good cd :p


I'm sorry to say I've never been to one of the parks over any holiday (tragic, I know) I'll go check out youtube and answer my own question. :) I keep wanting to buy it, so I guess I should get around to figuring out if I want it. ;D