Disneyland Forever


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The last time I was at Disneyland was in 1999 and they had a kiosk there that you could make your own CDs made up of various songs and spiels heard around the park. They had pre-made CDs and you could also make up your own. It was called Disneyland Forever. Here is the one I made:

1. Disneyland Monorail, ?Monorail Song?
2. Splash Mountain, ?How Do You Do?
3. Critter Country Area Music, ?Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah?
4. Big Thunder Mountain, ?Buffalo Gals?
5. Sailing Ship Columbia, ?Drunken Sailor?
6. Haunted Mansion, ?Ballroom Organ?
7. Haunted Mansion, ?Foyer Music?
8. Haunted Mansion, ?Doom Buggy Boarding Music?
9. The Disney Gallery, ?Once Upon A Dream?
10. Big Thunder Mountain, ?Safety Spiel?

Does anyone else have any of these CDs? If so, please post.


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I also made one of these CDs. Unfortunately it was so long ago that I only have a digital copy in iTunes and don't actually know the real names of the music I have. A majority of it is ambiance music from animal kingdom. I made it a long time ago in the 'new' image works at the Imagination! pavilion.

It makes me sad they don't have the kiosks anymore. They could sell the stuff on iTunes...I would sacrifice food for some of the tracks. :-X