Disneyland Forever CD's.


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Does anybody know if Disneyland still offers the Disneyland Forever CD kiosk. I'am looking for some tracks to complete my collection. I have over 200 tracks to trade if you have some that I need!

X-S Tech

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I have been told that the Disneyland Forever CD's will be back but that the Company will be solely responsible for the technology, in other RedDot will no longer be involved. I do not know how much truth there is to this or what sort of time frame is expected, but this is what Cast Members are telling guests. What is exciting is that it stands to reason that if a new system is developed, chances are Disney will fill it with totally new tracks, if only to avoid legal problems with RedDot. That would been several dozen tracks, if only to start with. Here's hoping.


X-s Tech,
It would be truly wonderful if Disney would bring
back Disneyland (and Disney World) Forever in
some form. It would be fantastic if Disney would
sell them on the net! I'm from Ohio and I really get
tired of theme park exclusives that I either have to
buy on ebay (usually paying a fortune!) or find
they have discontinued by the time I make it to
the parks. I wish Disney would remember there
are Disneyland fans that don't live in LA or
Orlando!! -MItch
I agree internet sales would be great but they would also need to re-evaluate the 10 tracks for $20 thing. With the length of some tracks being very short that was a major rip off. Spending $20 for 20 minutes of music is a waste