Disneyland Forever (again)


OH! This is excellent news!! Ill miss the mix your own aspect of the original DL Forever, But I like the idea of having complete attractions and soundstracks :D

Finally, Maybe there will be a STEREO CBJ available!


And maybe Under New Managment?? (Prob. not but there IS supposed to be WDW stuff available, too) Man what a great time to get my AP again :)
It looks like the whole list might actually be LPs or Soundtracks previously released.

i.e. America Sings, Golden Horseshoe had their own records and Tiki Room was released with Jungle Cruise on its record (as it is on the system).

Let me know if I'm wrong! (ESPECIALLY WITH CBJ!! ;D)
Great news for DL folks--but, any word on a WDW system? I would expect that this will most likely happen, as it did the last time around.

According to a post on Mouse Planet, $15.99 per CD--not the former $20, but still a little pricey for previously issued LP's, especially if you can load only one ~30 minute LP per CD. Still, don't want to grumble too much......

If anyone is going to DL soon--please get us a listing of at least some of the selections!


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Wow! That's super news! Now let's just hope WDW is in on the deal as well...

Dare I hope for Epcot park music available one day??



Wow $15, it really did get cheaper, so thats always good news. Now for a complete list...? :)


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Ill be going to DL next week....... i ll get full track listings of all available titles and post them.....


Disneyland's new CD-on-demand system

Ill be going to DL next week....... i ll get full track listings of all available titles and post them.....
FYI: The system hasn't been functioning at all for the past two days and barely works on those rare occasions when the clerks can manage to keep the thing limping along for an hour or two.

The store employees are uninformed and almost certainly not to blame for being clueless regarding the operation (not to mention the mere existance) of the CD-on-demand program.

At present, the "fix" appears to be creating discs when the park is closed and the system can generate a few CDs before shutting down again. Those discs are offered to the public the next day. (That is to say, those discs are available to those who know to ask for them AND point them out on the shelf behind the clerk.)

So, if one is "lucky," one might be able to purchase a CDR of the soundtrack for "A Goofy Movie" for $15.99 plus tax at the 20th Century Music Company... or they could pick it up for $9.99 at Best Buy with full artwork and whatever notes come with such a release. Sadly, the titles being chosen under this "overnight" workaround tend to be everything *other* than the park audio releases.

Unless someone comes up with a quick fix, don't go looking for reissues of the Enchanted Tiki Room or Golden Horseshoe LPs anytime soon. Of course, it probably wouldn't hurt to drop by City Hall and express your disappointment.

Not an auspicious start.