Disneyland Dark Rides - Queue Music?


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Hello Everyone,

Does anyone remember what music is played in the Snow White and Alice in Wonderland queue areas? How about the order? I would try and find out myself, but my next trip to Disneyland won't be for another six months (I envy you folks who live so close).

One more question. I know that the tracks are from the soundtracks of the films but without the voices. Does anyone know how to create these "voiceless" tracks? I know that some of them are floating around out in cyberspace, but if I wanted to create them myself, what would I need to do?

Thanks in advance for any help!



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the music is re orchestrated and from music effects tracks before the vocals are dubbed in

alice main title.in a world of my own im late the caucus rce some of walrus and carpenter-golden afternoon-end orchestration
caterpillar equence-twas brillig unbirthday song-from disney on parade new orch of tulgey wood seq-march of the cards...28 nminutes


As far as I know (and at least this counts for the DLRP versions of the rides), the queue music for Snow White, Pinocchio and Peter Pan was re-recorded closely following the original arrangements, but they're not the actual movie tracks.

So, to answer the original question, to do the same thing yourself you'd basically need to hire an orchestra.

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by the way ,Randy,why wasnt the snow white attraction on the disneyland cd boxed set--anyone know????

IRC, there were some bizarre issues involving the rights to the music itself that prevented Snow's release.