Disneyland CD Why not release this...


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Just tell me why? WHY? aren't these tracks released? Wouldn't be a "dream come true" cd?
Or include these tracks on a special edition CD!

1.-Parade of Dreams (Complete Show)
2.-Snow White enchanted musical (Score)
3.-Remember Dreams Come True (Instrumental version)
4.-Remember Dreams Come True (Safety announcements before the show) (Including score)

Is it alot to ask for?

It would be a Top Seller !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It is not a lot to ask for...certain things didn't quite fall into place and thus some of this has not been released officially, yet.
Of course we all know how I feel about this... =)

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As I hear it, it usually comes down to the fact that the high cost of releasing it (paying performers, musicians, etc... an addititional fee besides what they earn for performing) would be too prohibitive compared to what the CD would make from people purchasing it.
as we have seen before in the past, not evreything that disneyland produces for thier entertainment is available for purchase to the general public because of legal copyrights, and protections from the artists that record the soundtracks to these fabulous shows and parades. And i highly doubt that we will ever see a release of parade of dreams on an official album or even as a single itself!.It's too bad that people wanting the music can't get it or they have to settle of an illegal copy of it.With the 50th way long over, and the year of a million dreams i dont see the limelight to this situation, oh well we can just keep wishing and hope that disney will realize that the public wants to hear what they see!


Why don't they plan it in the first place to release it on CD?


It'd cost a lot of money to produce it now and they missed the boat because a 50th cd with the current 50th entertainment would've probably sold well enough if they started in may of 2005 (a cd with parade of dreams, block party, remember dreams come true). I think we were told at some point that they saved money in the beginning by not paying extra to get cd rights and now it'd cost a lot more to get the cd rights after the fact....that's the story that i've told people so I hope it's somewhat true heh.


Yep, it's all possible. Most of the other resorts do a pretty good job at this. And WDW has gotten better. DLR is sadly behind.
Truth is, it can be done. In this case, and many before it, they didn't do what was necessary so that it could happen. And for, I am sure, several reasons- money, priorities, etc.
Almandot is right, if it was to be done, it should have been taken care of before hand- particularly when contracts and all the legal stuff was worked out. To do it now would cost so much more. I talked about this at length with Randy himself. Even he has put pressure on DLR to get their act together.
And there are are new ways of distributing. We all have our opinions of Itunes, but look, Finding Nemo- The Musical is there for purchase. Truthfully, a cd sold only in the parks is not the only way to go about it anymore (though hands done its the best). Just saying, doors are open, opportunities are there- DLR, or someone somewhere, thinks it's not worth it. As for Finding Nemo- the Musical, someone in DCE or merchandising or somewhere thought it was, and two different ways of distributing were used. How 'bout that!

If only they truly knew how many people in 20th Centure Music shoppe ask for the POD music...if only!!!
BPB I can see as the exception due to it being music comprised of stuff that isn't Disney owned, thus rights and royalties for cd release would probably be cost prohibitive. yet still...some other places worked this out...of course, I am sure things are different overseas.

The more they fail to officially release parade and show music for DLR productions, the more leaks there will be and illegal sharing will continue...no other way to put it. And to think, that is money that could have gone in their coffers...