Disneyland Box set update! (Bad News)


In the "what the...." news category: Remember the Disneyland box set cancelled rumors? You get what you wish for. Apparently the suits over at Disneyland (one gentleman in particular who shall remain nameless) had a listen to the final box set and flipped. His concern is that people won't visit Disneyland is they can listen to the soundtracks at home. So it's back to the drawing board for Randy Thornton who produced the project. What will happen now is that the box set will get re-worked and be released in September along with the national release. The golden vinyl is already manufactored and so is the book (with the track listing), so to save resources the same order will remain, but instead of getting the complete Enchanted Tiki Room, we will get just the song Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room, etc. Instead of a Hanuted Mansion ride-thru, we will get the song Grim Grinning Ghosts and so on. This really bites as I was looking forward to completing my collection. Now will the CDs be shorter lenght? or will Randy fill in the blank spots with other material remains to be seen. Hopefully Randy can fill us in on the details. Randy? I was so excited for this release, it's not even funny. Why can't the people at Disney ever get it right for us fans? At least "Something" is getting released as opposed to the ill fated World's Fair box set.
By the way, as I understand, it wasn't Randy's decision and he must be as upset as we are (if not more). On a bright side, the 2 disc set and 1 disc are still scheduled to be released on schedule so we'll at least get that new Leanne Rinds (sp?) song that I hear is SO pretty. Your girlfriends will think it's so adorable.
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PS: Since the 2 CD master already went out, there will probably be some tracks on there that are lenthier than their box set counterparts! Cruel... :'(

Dr. Know

I don't know why I fell for this, but I did. By the end of Louis's post my blood was boiling... and then mmmfan came to the rescue. Very funny.