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Are there any Disneyland / Buena Vista LP experts out there? I am looking for old LPs that include music from the Disneyland Band. Specifically, I would like to find a track listing for a 1969 LP called "The Disneyland Band."

Here's why I am interested. I am attempting to put together the old Disneyland Main Entrance Loop that Jason posted on another topic concerning Disneyland Music Loops. I am aware that I will probably not be able to get all the tracks exactly, but hey, that's the fun of music collecting!

A friend from Japan informed me that the "Marching Band" track found on the Tokyo Disneyland Treasures of Fantasy CDs, labeled Main Entrance Music, is the same as that on the old WDW Band LP from 1972. I know that Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland shared a similar entrance loop for quite some time. I am assuming that more tracks came from that LP and probably also from the Disneyland Band LPs.

I transferred some songs performed by the Disneyland Band from my copy of the "I Love a Parade" LP - I think they sound pretty good, I just need to find more. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Also, if anyone has any memories or information concerning that pre-1992 loop, I would love to hear from you.

Here ya go wedroy1923


1. A Wonderful Day Like Today
2. The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band
3. Mary Poppins Overture
4. Bravura
5. The Bare Necessities
6. I Wanna Be Like You
7. Colonel Hathi?s March
8. Disney Medley #1
When You Wish Upon a Star
Heigh Ho


1. Disneyland Medley #2
Mickey Mouse March
Whistle While You Work
Professor Wonderful
A Spoonful of Sugar
2. Hello Dolly
3. March of the Cards
4. It?s a Small World
5. Chicken Reel
6. I?ll Always Be Irish
7. The Trolly Song
8. Stars and Stripes Forever


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Thanks Randy!

Looks like "A Wonderful Day Like Today," "The Bare Necessities," "Colonel Hathi's March," "March of the Cards," "It's a Small World," and the Disney Medleys might be what I am looking for - now I need to find the LP.

Do you know if any of the Disney record labels contained songs from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

Thanks again for the information!
Many years ago, we released a second cast (or cover version) of the songs from "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang". This album DQ1331 was titled "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang / Oliver!" which obviously not only carried cover versions of the songs from CCBB as well as the musical Oliver.

Oliver! SIDE ONE
1. Oliver
2. Consider Yourself
3. It's a Fine Life
4. As Long As He Needs Me

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang SIDE TWO
1. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
2. Hushabye Mountain
3. Me Ol' Bamboo
4. Toot Sweet

Hopefully, by now having the original product numbers it should make your search at least a little easier.


Concerning the CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG music, indeed there were cover versions by Camarata and the Mike Sammes Singers released on the LP Randy refers to (trivia: The Mike Sammes Singers backed up The Beatles on "I Am the Walrus" and "Good Night!")

However, if you're researching Entrance Loop music, you may want to know that the songs "Me Ol' Bamboo" and "The Roses of Success" that were (and sometimes still are) played on Disney Park BGM came from a United Artists LP called FANTASMAGORICAL THEMES FROM CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG Conducted by Irwin Kostal. It's a neat LP because it also contains some original Sherman instrumentals on Side Two.


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Thank you very much for the information - that is a major help in trying to reconstruct this loop!

Now I just need to find the LP - keep your fingers crossed for me!




They pop up on eBay from time to time; I got mine there several years ago at a reasonable price. I've seen it at the conventions as well, such as last weekend's NFFC. Happy hunting!

The WDW band also released an lp in 1972 titled, "The Walt Disney World Band"; catalog# Buena Vista STER-3337 & a mono version - BV-3337. Their version of the Mickey Mouse Club March is the one that appeared on the 80's DL/WDW OAs. Some great music on these lps.



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I agree - I own the WDW Band LP and it is a joy to listen to, particularly "The Old Home Guard." Too bad these have never been re-released on CD, but I assume they would probably not have much of an audience.

Do you know if they ever released any additional WDW Band music on LP? Were there any different band tracks on the "Musical Souvenier" LP?



I love the WDW Musical Souvenir album; that is one of my all-time favorite Disney albums & would definitely be a desert island finalist for me.

Aside from the Musical Souvenir album, I don't know whether or not any other WDW Band material was ever released on lp.

As for your question about the Musical Souvenir content; yes and no. There were 2 WDW band tracks on the picture disc originally from the WDW Band album: "Walt Disney Medley" and "It's a Small World". However, there were also several tracks on the lp recorded by members of the WDW Band performing in their various sub-groups. These were not from the WDW Band lp and are: a medley of "Minnie's Yoo Hoo" and " Hurry" by The Saxophone Quartet; a different and longer rendition of "Mickey Mouse March" by the Town Band; and "Snow White Medley" by The Polka Band. What I don't know is whether or not these 3 tracks originated from separate albums recorded by each group.

A brief trivia aside regarding the recording of "Maple Leaf Rag" by the Main Street Pianist that appears on the Musical Souvenir Album and on subsequent DL/WDW OAs in edited form. The track was recorded by longtime Disneyland Coke Corner pianist Rod Miller; ironic for the fact that it first appeared on a WDW album.

After thinking about this, I feel as if I may have invalidated my own argument regarding the WDW Band sub-groups for the following reason. I suppose it is possible that one or more of those 3 Musical Souvenir tracks mentioned above could have been recorded by the DL Band sub-groups in light of the Maple Leaf Rag recording.

In any case, both were great bands (DL's still is) led by the same director and have over the years brought joy and happiness to several generations of parkgoers and music lovers alike.