Disneyland Attraction LPs

Haunted Mansion LP, Pirates of the Caribbean first pressing, It's a Small World white cover 12" LP from the world's Fair, Lincoln 12" from the World's Fair, The Enchanted Tiki Room LP, Psychedelic Alice in Wonderland cover LP, and MUCH more rare editions of classic Disney LPs in great shape. There is about 64 items listed here:


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What's the story behind the white cover version of "Small World"? Does that just have the music tracks or is it an earlier version of the later issue with the Winston Hibbler narration?


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Eric, it's an earlier version of the Winston Hibbler narrated LP. In fact it is the Winston Hibbler narrated LP. The cover and booklet were modified for the later releases.
Yes, the It's a Small World 12" record was originally made in 1964 and sold at the 1964-65 New York World's Fair. This is the rarest version of this album. It contains a book of pictures of the attraction. The white cover features the famous artwork of The Tower of the Four Winds. It is made with a thicker cardboard than later records. A few years later, this attraction was moved to Disneyland and the record was re-issued with a picture of the outside of the Disneyland building. This is the more common version you can find. The original 12" Fair version is very hard to find. You can see a picture of it at:


If anybody has any questions regarding attraction records, let me know. I have been collecting them for many years and have gathered good information about the different issues of each record. I have a very complete collection. Talk to you all soon! :)
Yes, I think the inside is mostly the same. Unfortunately, when they re-released the record for Disneyland, they didn't bother to take pictures of the Disneyland attraction. It's very hard finding these great attraction records in the beautiful shape that I've kept mine at:


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