Disneyland Anniversary Songs

hi Disney Music Fans,
i was just thinking about something intresting that came to mind well, since we are coming towards the 50th anniversary can you remember some of the past anniversary songs? i think it went like this:

"Disneyland's Tenncennial"
10 years of fantasy 10 years of fun

Disneyland's 25th Family reunion
"Disneyland is Your Land"

Disneyland's 30th
"Thank You Mickey Thank You Donald"

Disneyland's 35th
Hot! Hot! Hot!

Disneyland's 40th
40 Years of Adventures 40 Years of Fun

Disneyland's 45th
There's Magic In the Stars

Disneyland's 50th
Remember When by Leann Rimes

i hope that the 50th set includes these songs, these were great songs written for the anniversays and should be released since we are coming up on the 50th what a great way to look back at past anniversarys.
what do you think?


I COULDN'T AGREE MORE!!! The anniversary songs are my favorites! I really hope to see the "Remember the Magic" finale from WDW's Fantasy in the Sky released on CD someday. I'll beg till it happens!

I agree that I would love for a CD of all the anniversary songs to be released on a single disc ... that would fantastic.

We can hope that these songs may be on the six disc DL release.