disneyland 6cd question?


So i see at the park it will be avalible may 3rd but some of us who live on the east coast are windering when the 6cd set will be avalible to us.Would love th eone with the gold vinal but not in my budget to get to disneyland but wanna know when the none special editon 6cd set will be avalible for us and where we can get it.On amazon? or disneydirect.com? this info whould be helpful to know.They said it be avilble to all but how do we go about grtting it?

thanks in advance


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The press release says that the nationwide release for the 6 disc set will be in September. At that point it should be availible on Amazon, Tower, Virgin, etc.

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As I understand it, the price is the same for the DL version with the Vinyl, as for the version without. That coupled with teh wait time you might want to just call up DelivEARs (Disney Mail ORder) and get the Vinyl version.