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"Ok another obscure question. There is a House of the future spiel which differs from the 2 versions released on the DL Forever system. It talks mainly about how people are constantly asking when the house will be made available commercially. It also talks about how plastics are used in modern construction etc... It runs about 2:01. Is this just a portion that was cut off from the DL Forever version. I assume both of these were just played from an internal speaker system within the house. Was there any outside narration"

A: Actually, there was NO narration inside the house. I know that the Forever version sounds like it played inside the House but this version is not complete. If you heard the first few minutes of the narration (which were cut on the DLF version), you'd see that al that narration played outside while you waited in line. So maybe what you have is those first couple minutes that were missing on the Forever system. Also, this is, at least, the second version of this narration. I've heard a completely different earlier version. :)

"Also there is what sounds like a demo recording or possibly the audio portion of a visual presentation about the Peoplemover. It has two male narrators and gives a narration for the Peoplemover over the GoGo Goodyear music ,as if you were traveling the route. the thing that confuses me is that when it gets to the future sight of Space Mountain it describes several visuals as if the rider is seeing concept paintings or models. Can anyone explain the origin of this recording? "

A: Yes, this is the audio recording of a visual presentation that Disney did for Goodyear in 1965. At that time, some of the plans were different for what they thought they would built in 1967. Interesting piece.
And talking about the PeopleMover promo, while you pass by Adventure thru Inner Space, they play "Mysteries of the Atom." Indeed there is a mystey surrounding this track. Many people swear it played quietly in the Inner Space queue. Many swear it never did. Regardless, there is a connection to this track and Inner Space during the PeopleMover promo. Also, "Mysteries of the Atom" did play as an underscore to the first film after the Universe of Energy pre-show. "Mysteries of the Atom" goes back to the Progressland sessions in 1964 when it was recorded for- but-not-used-for Progressland. It may have even had a different title. Wish Buddy Baker was around still to ask... Anybody with more info regarding this track?

PS: Mysteries of the Atom was prepared for the Forever system but never actually released. Confusion continues regarding it's history...

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OK Louis,

This is in regards to the music that played in the Gallery as part of the Tomorrowland exhibit. The 1955-1989 room (by the way shouldn't that read 1989?) had a couple of pieces that I've always wondered about. First of all:

-There was a short piece of narration from the 20K Leagues exhibit followed by narration from the Submarine Voyage. The Sub Narration sounds to me more like something from one of the Disneyland episodes. Or is it really an earlier narration. IF so when did the new narration come into play.

-There are also 2 versions of the Peoplemover, one with a female narrator but similar but different music than I remember in later years, and one with Jack Wagner Narrating. Which of these if any were used and when? Perhaps a Peoplemover timeline would be helpful for this answer.

Thanks as always
Well.I've psoted responses many times about the Peoplemover........the Gallery exhibit featured a circa 1977 Jack Wagner (since it features the "Supper Speed Tunnel" and Space Mountain..) After the Space Mountain construction stoped, the Peoplemover storage area was re-located abouve the America Sings.........and new music was added (this was the first time the music we all recognize was played.....CAPITOL RECORDS MEDIA MUSIC.....) it replaced the former "monorail song" Goodyear continued to sponsor it.......the Gallery sample edited out all mention of Goodyear and left out several things........"wherever you go we hope you will GO, GO, GOODYEAR!! "...........THE MUSIC was from that Capitol records release..but the person selected a Walt Disney World Peoplemover music track..........same source......different selections........The CURRENT Autopia que features about 90% of both the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Peoplemover/WEDWAY music.

The female PeopleMover narrations came after 1981 when Goodyear ended it's sponsorship.........for some reason the Go, Go Goodyear (March, Jazz, Cha-cha) continued to play at the PeopleMover station loading areas until the attraction closed. The Super Speed Tunnel made way for the Tron Speed Tunnels.........and there are many versions of both PeopleMover Narrations........"here is an exciting prevue of future attractions :Space Mt........a shinning monument to the Space age.......these rendering and models show current plans that you may someday experience here at Disneyland...." or " .Please excuse our dust: our imagineers are working on our new World Premiere Circle-vision......opening this spring.......".etc........



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Thanks, DC-88! Very informative. I would LOVE to take a spin through the "Supper Speed Tunnel" What were they serving in there, do you know?
..."The Super Speed Tunnel" was originaly going to be located in the track rise after u passed the Starcade........heading towards Space Mountain..........for whatever reason it was placed above America Sings......the same location as TRON. In fact the project systems and sreens were identical. The Super Speed Tunnel untilized special effect projects that were developed for the 1973 Walt Disney World Tomorrowland attraction "If You Had Wings". The PeopleMover guests were sent tru a series of fast paced scenes......like snow mobiels, dune buddies, jet-skis......speed boats...formula one race cars (filmed in Daytona and Sebring Florida.)....to highten the fast speed of the guests..your PeopleMover cars traveled AGAINST ALL THE TRAFFIC!!!! forcing boats, cars etc.to swerve and jut away to avoid a high-inpact collision. The real trick of the Speed tunnel was the use of plexi "BLUR" discs.the same way WED/WDI makes clouds gently float by in PIRATES of the Caribbean. The The guests is seeing a front filmed projection come towards them..say a motorcycle. The filmed object is traveling towards the center on the screen.but not exactly. (because of the pass-tru opening of the wedway cars.) .the motorcyle begins to travel to the left or right of the center of the camera.........when the filmed obect:again our motorcyle; passes by the guest the speed is intensified by the "Blur"discs....(Sorry: the blur disc is a clear thick plexi or Leaxan disc......painted on the disc are white streaks.....very simple....projetced it creates a very very fast blur on our perifferal vision makeing the motorcycle seem to have come very close to us and speeding by very very fast. Wind fans and audio sound effects aslo add to this illusion. If you ever get a chance to see The PeopleMover Thru Super Speed Tunnel attraction poster you will notice the racecars are going against the direction of the PeopleMover cars!!!!!

Ok.........sorry for the mass rambling: The original concept for the Supper Speed Tunnel (when it was to be located next to the Starcade) was that you had enetered into of of the electronic-coputer games!!! (hence the racing and motive sport them of the filmed images. Next time you step into the Starcade, notice all the motor-sport mural-panels on the walls. (designed byt WDI master Tim Delany..who also designed the Super Speed attraction poster!!...the murals and poster use the same colors.

Ok.i know some more thing about the Supper Speed Tunnels.....but I'm sure u all have had yer fill onthat! LOL.