disneyland 50th set question for Randy

this message is basically for Randy...
Randy, everyone knows just how much Disney park music has been floating over the internet for the past oh 10 years or so...in the beginning the quality was extremely low, but as time progressed...better, high quality tracks began to appear. I can evern recall about 5 years ago a certain former cast member posted track from the old "cartrdge style loops" that played in park....most noteably, the mattehorn ( a 15 min loop of swiss music with audio warnings on safety etc.) there was a carousel of progress loop out there that had the "progress city dialogue and music" that was never released on Disneyland forever in later years. My question to you is...with all that has become available on the internet...past and present...and im sure the disney lawyers have a field day going after all those that post full attraction audio out there....is the REAL disneyland fan (such as i)...you know the kind...that can quote or repeat entire show dialogue and know music ques :)....going to find high quality surprises in the 50th set.?... Don't get me wrong...i will buy the bigger expanded set if it does indeed become available...regardless (gotta have it!) I guess what im looking for are the hints as to whats going to be included....things like...was the Golden Horesehoe JAMBOREE that was performed during most of 80's and 90's ever recorded for posterity ( i loved that show and the belly up to the bar boys number) will we be getting any "music only" tracks without chorus etc. With all the talk of the 50th creating excitement on my part as to walk COULD be included...do you know of what u have available as to what WON'T be included? Thx!
Basically what i was asking is.....what thing s do we know for sure wont be included on set...ie the recordings dont exist ...or exist anymore