Disneyland 50th set - NATIONAL RELEASE


Anybody have this yet? More importantly, does anybody have this AND the park version? I know the disc content is exactly the same, but I was wondering if the national release does have the vinyl (I'm hearing conflicting reports across the 'net that it would have the black vinyl, ala the special edition at the parks) and if any of the inaccuracies in the accompanying book have been fixed.

I am just wondering if I should buy it to be a completist... or a dork, however you want to look at it. :)


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Why not go for the gusto and say you're a dorky completeist?

Anyway,, wish I could help you, but as far as I know, Mr. Sharon hasn't ordered what he "needs" to get from Amazon and even when he does, I'm not expecting the CD set until Christmas. Sorry.



The Virgin Megastore at Downtown Disney just got in the national release, and it does NOT have any vinyl included what-so-ever. It does, however come in the same box/presentation as the set with vinyl does.


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You can still get the box set with the vinyl at various locations in WDW - - I just purchased one this past week.