Disneyland 25th Anniversary Parade (downloads available)

Don't know if Disneyland's 25th Anniversary Parade music has been available before, but here's a few selections from my collection...

Golden Horseshoe

Bear Country Hoedown


Finale Underscore

Parade Underscore Vocals

I have the music from each parade unit and will post the other selections if there's interest in them.



Pretty cool, alot like Disney World Is Your World, I like it. Is there a full vocal track for the main theme?
I think I do have a full vocal track. I'm just now starting to pull my old cassettes out of storage. I'll check and get back to you.


Oh, Thank You! Please, do share more. many of us love this old vintage show/parade music.

Wow, what good quality! Oh thanks so much!!!!!! :D :eek:

is it possible for you to put up the whole parade?


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Totally awesome. I was a Cast Member in that parade and my one and only cassette copy I had of the material got destroyed years ago. I have been searching for years for a replacement (for obvious sentimental reasons).

I floated positions between Jungle Cruise Float, Country Bear, Trolly and end of parade.

Thanks SOOOOOOO much for sharing...it really means very much.
Glad to see all the interest in these. I'll continue to convert the rest to MP3s and will post the links soon -- perhaps by the end of the weekend.


AMAZING!!! GREAT recordings! I would LOVE to hear the rest. Thanks SO much for posting these!

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Squalls Ahead,

were you able to find more of your vintage audio files?
if you do, we would love for you to share them. the first batch were excellent.
Hi tcsnwhite,

The selections that I posted were converted to MP3s a while back and the cassettes went into storage. A couple weeks ago I went to my storage unit to get the cassettes only to discover that they were not all in the same box and that some were packed in an area that was hard to get to. I'll be going back to get the other cassettes very soon and I'll post the remainder of recordings in about 3-4 weeks.

In the meanwhile, I've been going through the cassettes that I do have and I think everyone will be very pleased with some of the recordings that I'll be posting in the very near future (i.e. a few musical selections from the 1972 film 'The Magic Of Walt Disney World' -- and other WDP produced films; and the soundtrack to the Cast Member 1980 MSEP Slide Show -- which includes a tongue-in-cheek introduction by Jack Wagner).



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Squalls Ahead,

I am very interested in the music selections from the film "The Magic of Walt Disney World". Cannot wait to hear it. Thank you for sharing from your collection.



I am very interested in the music selections from the film "The Magic of Walt Disney World". Cannot wait to hear it. Thank you for sharing from your collection.
I'll second that! I always enjoyed Buddy Baker's score to that film. I can often hear the music in my head when I'm wandering around some of the older areas of WDW!


Quality was great on those!

Definately looking forward to hearing more! :D