Disney World Peoplemover Narrations

Having scoured the net and mIRC recently, I've noticed that there are quite a few recordings of Disneyland Peoplemover narrations from the 70s and 80s, but almost no WDW Peoplemover narrations from the pre-"Tomorrowland Transit Authority" era (save for a very poor "ORAC-1" recording from the mid-90s, done after the cheap upgrade where "ORAC-1's" description of "If You Had Wings" was changed to "Dreamflight" using a completely different voice that didn't mix with the rest of the track). With Jack Wagner's original 70s WDW Monorail recordings out, I'm surprised his original Peoplemover narration hasn't surfaced.


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I agree. I'm still looking for the WEDway soundtrack (with and without narration) from the mid-70's peoplemover at WDW. I have a low-quality recording, but I wonder if anyone has a better quality version.
If you have even a low quality version of Jack Wagner's Peoplemover narration that mentions "If You Had Wings" and other early WDW attractions, drop me an e-mail, please! :)