Disney World or Disneyland Forever Cd's


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I am in dire need of one of these cd's.

If anyone has the forever cd's, Im looking for these tracks (if not more):

Here are some of the tracks Im looking for from either WDW or DL:

Magic Kingdom:

* Railroad Narration
* 1956 Main Entrance Announcement
* Main Street, Early Morning Announcements
* Main Street, Parades, Closing, Tram Announcements
* Any Big Thunder Mountain audio (spiel or area/background music)
* Any Splash Mountain spiels or background/area music (not the ride audio itself)
* Haunted Mansion Audio (only from the Forever cd as I already have the album, but this cd has more from WDW where the album has more from DL)
* Carousel of Progress
* Space Mountain Audio
* Mad Tea party audio

* Any area music from any land in the Magic Kingdom

If anyone has any or all of these tracks I would be willing to pay for them or a copy of them.

Please email me at civileng68@earthlink.net if you are able to help me.