Disney Treasures



I know I'm probably the curmudgeon the the forum (Treasure Planet, Disney Studios Paris, etc). The last time that I held the opinion that the Disney Co. could do no wrong was when I worked there...and that ended that.

I LOVE that they're releasing a lot of rare stuff on this series of DVDs. But...and I suspect this has to do with money too...I bought the "Behind the Scenes at the Walt Disney Studios" and was shocked by the transfers of some of the shows, particularly on disc 2. One show in particular has so many color varients that one scene is red, the next is blue, the next is black and white. I know there is a disclaimer saying that some of the scenes were in black and white and some in color, but I can only assume that what I viewed was a lack of restoration. The effect is not unlike watching South Pacific where color filters were used to communicate the mood...ie. red for tense, blue for romantic. It makes the film annoyingly unwatchable. There is even one scene which is color corrected in Leonard Maltin's introduction, but badly tinted as it is seen in the program itself.

I realize that some might liken the material as a feast for Disney enthusiasts, but one thing you need to know is that this meal hasn't been cooked.
Is the "Behind the Scenes" set worth getting, with the cheap transfer and all? I really love this type of material, but I already have the Reluctant Dragon on video, as well as home recordings of "The Story of the Animated Drawings," "The Plausible Impossible," and "Tricks of Our Trade"--is there much more on the collection to justify purchasing what sounds like a somewhat less than desirable product? A reviewer on amazon.com also complained about the poor transfer of The Reluctant Dragon. OK, they cancelled Vault Disney, but they still would like to throw us a few occasional bones--at least cook them, as Bill suggested! I don't mind shelling out the money for quality, but apparently the only way to really send a message to the Eisner Company is through the wallet. But then--if we don't support the Disney Treasures collection, the Vault gets thrown in chains again--"they" may have us! Ingenious! I may have answered my own question! Mike.
Thanks Bill, just what I needed to hear, I guessed there was no talking myself out of this one; I really love this type of material--Walt's time--as we all do.....I guess they've got my my "two cents." Mike.