Disney Treasures wave 5 title info


... Wave 5 and still no more Treasures DVDs with shows featuring the theme parks.

Between that and the unknown delay of the DL 50th anniversary DVD, this is looking to be a very quiet fall.

Big Al

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Thank God! I was worried Disney was not going to release any Treasures. They ususally appear on amazon like in June. Finally! Well, I just hope this Leonard Maltin guy has Roy Disney involved again. The treasures were so much better when Roy had a say, then the last wave to come out was skimpy I think because he wasn't involved
If THIS is the DVD big release for the 50th..... it's a BIG BIG letdown....its currently available in the park..at 29.99...it plays like a long commercial. The clips are miniscule in size and the DVD itself is not Disneyland specific. There is almost no old footage included. Total waste.


Oh, no, not that one - that's just a repackaged version of the DVD they put out a couple of years ago.

There's another one that's supposed to be released nationally called "Disneyland - The Stories, Secrets, and Magic of The Happiest Place on Earth" . It's listed on Amazon.com; some folks on another board have supposedly seen a preview version of it and thought it was pretty cool. For some reason, though, the release has been delayed, with an indefinite release date.

I'd post a copy of the cover, but I'm at work right now and I'm not allowed to do that. Maybe when I get home...


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Yeah, i'ts a bummer that it got delayed. Some rumors are suggesting that it's been delayed to add/remove content. For one thing, it had all of the Disneyland Sing-a-long songs on it, and they are releasing a DVD of that, so it might have been some serious double dipping. Maybe they'll change the sing-a-long stuff, who knows? I just hope it comes out soon. Here's a picture of it's cover.


Hi, folks.

If you flew USAirways across country in July from west to east, you saw a 9 min except form the DVD, which featured imagineers talking about the attractions.

Unfortunately, they started the film late, so they shut the video off just as it started.


BTW, i'm still wondering what happened to Dr. Syn...