Disney to remake Sorcerer's apprentice

Disney whips up new "Apprentice"
Thu Feb 13,12:46 AM ET Add Movies - Reuters to My Yahoo!

By Claude Brodesser and Cathy Dunkley

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - "The Lion King" helmer Rob Minkoff will direct and produce the Mouse House's planned remake of "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" -- the 1938 animated short that would later appear in Disney's 1940 picture "Fantasia."

Minkoff, who also helmed both "Stuart Little" pictures, will use similar live-action and computer animation techniques to create a new film inspired by the short.

The script will be written by David Berenbaum, a graduate of the Disney inhouse screenwriters program who recently set up his Will Ferrell (news) starrer "Elf" at New Line Cinema.

The original version of "Sorcerer's Apprentice" was based on a fairytale poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and a concerto by French composer Paul Dukas. Mickey Mouse played the apprentice whose misuse of the sorcerer's powers wreaks havoc.



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Oh my god, it's true. Someone mentioned this on the Haunted Mansion board I read and I thought it was a satirical joke.

I think we need to go back to our ideas about Disney deciding to remake the Bible.

Where were we?

I think I had just mentioned Pain & Panic from Mulan as Cain and Abel.

This is already past ridiculous. I'm at a loss for the proper adjective to describe the current state of affairs at WDC.
Has anyone read any written artistic justification for this kind of concept? Is it just that they're burned out of the "part 2's," so then why not just start re-making everything? What next--turn Spaceship Earth into a thrill ride? Mike.

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I don't really understand why anyone is upset about this. I don't know how they'll expand the story to feature length but I see no problem with the idea. Good lord it's much better than remaking an older live action film like the Parent Trap, as if the older version just is too out of date to be enjoyable. In this case the difference of medium makes it a whole new experience. Mickey will always represent the Sorcerers Apprentice in people's minds, no matter who remakes the story. I just hope we've seen the last Mr. Magoo and Inspector Gadget.
Steve...I thought that you were trolling with this....

It can't be true. Again, the question is...what is there about the Sorcerer's Apprentice that is crying out for a re-make?

Let me guess...there is no dialog. I can see it now...Mickey Joins up with Stitch to defeat the army of Brooms...That way they can use more Elvis music (which I love when used appropriately).

Disney does the Bible. This is toooo good of an idea to let fall by the wayside. Cruella DeVille as Mary Magdalene. What do yoo think?


So will this mean that there will be a new "Sorcerer's Motorboat Ride" through Fantasia Gardens? I could live with the movie if it means a new attraction at Disneyland. Heaven help us if this causes them to toy with Fantasmic, however....

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It's like a new movie, not a remake. The article didn't say anything about Mickey being in it did it?


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Boy, if it's supposed to be a feature length movie, I don't know how they are going to do it since Walt and his boys couldn't flesh it out enough in the 40's to get a feature out of it. There just isn't enough material there. They certainly will have to add stuff to it to stretch it out, and then it won't resemble the poem or original short at all. I guess that may not be such a bad thing since maybe nobody will associate it with Mickey if it's got nothing to do with him...
Gwyneth Paltrow will have to star in it--seeing as how she is determined to be in nothing but bad movies nowadays.

Maybe the kid stars from all the Disney Channel shows will be featured--ya think? Lizzie McGuire, etc.

In the meantime, back to our Bible casting: Bean, I love Cruella as Mary Magdalene. How about Mufasa as Moses and Scar as the Pharoah?

Oh. And Pongo and Perdita would have to play Abraham and Sarah. They were, after all, blessed with many children in their old age. ;) ;D
Bill, you're way off with your suggestion of the theme song--you're trying to be a little too creative--don't forget, we're in the "dustin' off the oldies" mode, much easier than trying to come up with something novel, like a new idea......I say we simply retread a golden oldie.....Bean got me thinking about Nancy Sintra on another thread.....I say we resurrect Nancy and her number one smash from the past, only fit it to the "new and improved" Sorcerer--"These BROOMS were made for walkin', and that's just what they'll do,......"--what do you think--I think Eisner'll jump at it......Mike.


You know, I was hoping this was a joke but I guess not. So much for originality. I am so sick of the remakes, the part 2's, etc. At least Disney is helping my budget as I'm spending less & less on the Mouse then I used to. How long before the part II for Snow White, (done of course in the new style of computer animation a la Toy Story) showing Snow White & her Prince with their rebellious teenage children!! Yikes.

I'm guessing Snow White's daughter is tired of being a princess and longs to be a scullery maid...

...and John Goodman will be the voice of Grumpy, Billy Crystal will be cast as Dopey. Maybe Caroline Rhea as the Snow Queen/Witch? Jennifer Love Hewitt as Snow White......
and Snow White Jr is able to unlock the evil in the heart of the Queen and help her on her path to goodness and she becomes beautiful again and catches the eye of the Huntsman. Theme song: "The Love of Magic"

I can just see Snow, Snow Jr. , the Prince, and all the dwarves holding hands in a big circle around the rehabilitated Snow Queen and dancing! How about a double wedding for a finale--Snow Jr. & her guy and the Snow Queen & the Huntsman?!?! Would that set up Snow III? ::)