Disney Theme Park grand opening and anniversary songs


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Ok, I'm compiling a playlist of all of the anniversary, celebration, & grand opening theme songs from all the Disney parks. There are some that are missing and probably are not availible anywhere else, like Disneyland's 40th and 45th songs, or WDW's 15th or 20th. But what I'm wondering about is grand opening songs for some of the parks.

Did Disney MGM, Animal Kingdom or DCA have a grand opening theme? I watched videos of DCA's opening and there was not one present, but was there a song used throughout the first year to represent it? What about WDSP?

Oh, and has anybody ripped the "Disneyland 10th Anniversary Song" from the Walt Disney Treasures DVD yet? I would myself, but don't have the equipment to do it.

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I have a great copy of the 10th anniversay song, that I recorded off the DVD and remixed and edited, and it sounds great. I would be happy to share it but I am not sure how. I have it on my hard drive saved in Wave Format. I can convert it to another format if needed, but not sure how to post a music file. If anyone knows how, or how to put it on Rodentsections, let me know. I am more than happy to share if you let me know how. I may have more that may interest you as well. I like to edit unreleased Disney songs off DVDs for my listing pleasure. I have hundreds like this.


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You have to be given uploading rights to upload to Rodentsections.
Probably the best way is to upload to a file share site (say, Rapidshare etc) and post the link with permission for someone to upload if it's suitable.
If the admin think it's ok, they can upload it for you.
The fact that it's off a DVD (even though edited) may be a problem. They don't allow anything that is still commercially available (including stuff that MAY be released later on). A song released on a DVD may be counted as commercially available, of course (even if the song hasn't been released on CD yet).
Someone there will know if this fits into that category or not.
Not sure about here but they may allow you to post the link but someone important ( ;D ) would have to OK it, I think.