Disney Studios Paris CD's

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Does anyone know if there are any CD's for this new park and if so if they are available online?


All about WDS CD releases...


I'm not supposed to tell you (as I should finish the report about the Grand Opening Ceremony first for the website) but I couldn't hold back when I read this question. So far NO CD has been released for the Walt Disney Studios at the Disneyland Resort Paris - but Merchandising is hard working on a full length CD which they hope to release in late spring. It is supposed to include songs / score from all over the park which is also why we have to keep waiting: there is so much non-Disney-material that they are still in the middle of lengthy negotiations regarding the rights.
For collectors of interest may be that a first CD was given to the press during the grand opening event but that one was a "audio press kit" with some interviews (in French only), some sound effects (cars sliding, guests applauding, ...) and some short musical cues (excerpts from the shows' scores and songs, background music, ...). Unfortunately most of the later one are so short that they are not really of interest (with exception mayboe of some old scores for old DLP parade floats and the song of "Animagique", a show at the WDS).

To keep us all happy a new CD is said to be released next door at the Disneyland Park in the next to weeks. It will include the new anniversary song that was written especially for the 10th anniversary of the resort and that can be heared at the Wonderful World of Disney Parade when it stops (for the usual interactive / kids dancing thing). As it looks right now this will be a single only.

More as soon as I learn...