Disney Strings Fantasy


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Hello everyone! Looking for some assistance please... I'm on the hunt for "Disney String Fantasy" (1987, DL Records Japan). Been searching for it for some time, and thought I would ask the forum if anyone had any leads... Very sentimental for me, as I was a DL Disney Gallery cast member for several years and this was the BGM we played in the Gallery, prior to the big themed exhibits coming in during the late 90's. Hoping someone could assist, I'll take anything I can get. Thank you all so much in advance! - Frank :)


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It's out of print but still surfaces now and again so It's really a case of "keep looking" on sites like eBay and other second hand sites. Usually quite expensive though.
This site does not condone, allow or approve the sharing of copyright material so that's the best advice that I can give.
One was recently on this auction site for around 500 Yen but I don't know how much it went for finally http://www.jauce.com
and here http://picclick.com/DISNEY-STRINGS-FANTASY-1987-JAPAN-261046503903.html