Disney Soundtracks Available or OOP


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I was looking on Amazon yesterday and saw that two people selling the Dumbo, Lady and the Tramp, Alice in Wonderland, and Sleeping Beauty soundtracks new and still in wrap. The price was 10.99- 12.99 per cd.

Now, if I remember correctly, aren't those OOP. And everyone else had been selling them for $30- $40 before those came up.

I emailed one seller, and they said that they are new and that they are 100% genuine, not CDR and they would give my money back if not satisfied.

I went to there website. The cd's are available there also. And they have date of 1999.

I guess my question, did Disney reissue the cd's in 1999/2000? And this company that is selling them, how did they come across some copies? (maybe a store closing or something)