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Just joined today after lurking for years. :lol:

I have searched the forums for information regarding this series and have only been able to find two topics ( posted 11/06 and 1/07) that gave a list of new titles that were added. Can anyone post an updated list of what titles are now available (as I am sure there must have been new titles added since 1/07)?

How often are titles added?

I've just started collecting this series and am really enjoying the titles I have so far

thanks for any help you can give :(

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New titles are not added too often. There was only one new release so far this year as far as I know, the original 1959 soundtrack album of Sleeping Beauty was posted last January. They are due to be adding more soon. (fingers crossed) My best advise is to keep checking this forum, if any new albums are added, it is sure to mentioned here right away.