Disney rarities



In order to combat the current drought of Disney music topics, I thought I'd pose the question:

What is your rarest Disney CD, album, track?

Don't answer the track question if you're worried about the Disney Music Police or fearful of getting a trillion emails requesting it.


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I guess I would have to say that my 1957 pressing of the Fantasia Soundtrack is my most impressive Disney music album. It is a triple LP issue with a gatefold cover and interior booklet with a 24 pages of artwork and information. Mind you this is an old LP release so it is quite large and in near mint condition.

Buena Vista STER-101

Dr. Know

My most treasured Disney rarity is my original soundtrack cd of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show... I know its not super rare, but it went out of print rather quickly and is one of the first cds issued by Disneyland Paris, uh, I mean, Euro Disney, and it commands big prices on ebay when it appears. I just love George Fenton's rambunctious score!