Disney Princesses work overtime


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That's another good thing about WDW vs. DL...WDW AP holders aren't so, what's the word..."despised." The even held a party for us...OK so it was 10,000 people at DAK on a Saturday last August, packed into Dinoland USA like sardines, with too-long lines for the free food and game chances, but it was something .

Love and Hate continued

Great Bill!
Its perfect now.......however..

We could venture out of the "Human Resources" Hierarchy and start entering what the current Disney regime loves and and what they despise

Despise attractions with catchy tunes and lots of animatronics.
Parades tied in to the latest animated feature
Parades with floats that are full of whimsy and laghter.
Stage shows that show intelligence and good humor with a nod to the parents and adults in the audience.
Paying a living wage to castmembers who will be loyal and contribute to Walts dream.
Low theme park admissions

Loves: Merchandising
Merchandising events
Merchandising on ebay
Theme parks without a theme
off the shelf attractions.
Part time workers.
Theme Park admission $ increases

Wisdom is proved wisdom by its fruitage..
..gee I wonder why the stock is down again.
Maybe the Oriental Land Co. will do a hostile takover soon. We can only hope.


Let's not forget D-mgt.'s apparent loathing of all things "Vault Disney," tempered by the warm fuzzies they enjoy, generated by the current (horrid) lineup on DTV... :-X